I made the mistake of posting a comment (very respectfully) on a homophobic fundamentalist's website, and now he's making a big fuss on one of my blog posts. Honestly, I'm tired of him, and I don't have the time or energy to debate him right now. If anyone wants to have a little fun with him, feel free.

I've had my fill.

Blog entry is here.

My original comment on his site is here.

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Erik Brewer has a lot of time on his hands!
We need a 12-Step program for the Cataholic church.

He also resents being called a "homophobic fundy." I have no idea why.


a person who fears or hates homosexuals and homosexuality.


( sometimes initial capital letter ) a movement in American Protestantism that arose in the early part of the 20th century in reaction to modernism and that stresses the infallibility of the Bible not only in matters of faith and morals but also as a literal historical record, holding as essential to Christian faith belief in such doctrines as the creation of the world, the virgin birth, physical resurrection, atonement by the sacrificial death of Christ, and the Second Coming.

He's horrible. When you compare my comments on his site to he comments he's left on ours, I think anyone with half a brain would be able to spot the rational thinkers.

Again, I'm sorry I got anyone else involved. I had no idea he was going to spread like a Staph infection. I've learned my lessons:

1) Never leave my web address on a fundamentalist website.
2) Don't expect a fundamentalist to play nice.
3) Isolate the contagion, and don't encourage it to spread.
Interesting side note regarding the writer's cultural context - Erik Brewer pastors a church in Chisinau, Moldova (about page). This caught my attention because I've heard of some serious issues with anti-gay violence in parts of Eastern Europe.

From the wikipedia article, "LGBT rights in Moldova":

"On 11 May 2008 the police and authorities stood by as the Moldova Pride Parade was prevented by homophobic crowds who surrounded and intimidated Parade participants by surrounding the Pride bus. The Mayor of Chisinau, Dorin Chirtoaca, whose campaign slogan was "a young mayor, a liberal team, a european capital" had banned the parade the evening before."

That explains a couple of things. He said he left the US to minister to one of the poorest countries in Eastern Europe. I know that Christian anti-gay activists have been concentrating on Eastern Europe and sub-Saharan Africa.  My brother-in-law is one of those. Last year and this year he took part in missionary trips to Uganda and Senegal.

Scott Lively, the former state director for the California branch of the vehemently anti-gay American Family Association, formed Watchmen on the Walls which is based in Riga, Latvia. All of those old Soviet states are ripe for the picking. They have high poverty rates, which make them fertile ground for evangelical churches, and there's a vacuum left by removal of the old Soviet power structure.

It also explains why he has so much time on his hands. Honestly, if I had time to write as much material as he does, I could have a really nice blog going. As it is, I have to work my blogs into the little time I have in between projects here at my paying job.

Oh, to be self-employed and have time to write when I wanted!

Isn't the AFA the group that's behind the May 21st Rapture insanity?
Their "news arm" One News Now is a great site if you like to know what evangelicals are getting their panties in a wad about. Michelle Malkin of FauxNews is a frequent contributor, as are several other fundamentalist commentators. The rest of their feed is made up of AP stories that they've edited or retitled. They love to take an AP story and change just a few words to put their own fundy spin on it.
Isn't the AFA the group that's behind the May 21st Rapture insanity?

That would be Harold Camping of Family Radio.

I know that Family Radio is the group, but I thought they were affiliated with the AFA.


Meh, too damned many family-destroying groups with 'family' on the label.

Erik is now linking to this discussion from his blog. I'm not sure exactly why. Anyone who follows his links will see the rants that I allowed him to spew on my blog and on NoSacredCow's blog, and wonder why we allowed him to go on for as long as we did.

I will have a reasonable discussion on just about any subject, but I'm not going to just let someone rant and rebut my comments with "well, I expected you to say that, and you're wrong."

When I told him that it was obviously not going anywhere, and that I wouldn't comment anymore on his blog if he'd stop commenting on mine, he just had to keep going. It became a compulsion.

Oh well. As they say in the advertising biz, there's no such thing as bad publicity. Hopefully he'll drive some traffic to AN and to my blog and NSC's blog. I can use the traffic, good or bad.

I smell a blog post coming on, about the whole thing. Maybe one day I'll look back and laugh on it all. That will be tomorrow.

Or Christine O'Donnell who can come in second place in a debate, if the opponent is a no-show.


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