Has anybody heard of this ridiculous question in their endless debates with the deluded, aka the religious?


The entire question is as follows, and was obviously copied and pasted from somewhere because it didn't make it past the spam filters on youtube.


"To whom is the bachelor married?" If you don't know what eternal means. I believe you could study a "little" Einstein theory Re: time. Look it up. As to God being eternal, that would rather put Him in the correct and ONLY position in order to create time. Logic "my dear," logic.


Now, pardon me, but I'm actually not seeing a lot of logic in that answer, but I do like how he namedrops Einstein to give his post some relevance.


I'm just wondering if anyone has had this question posed to them?  

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Seriously!  I've seen my share of stupid talking points, put this has got to take the cake!


I'm guessing he asked it because he thinks it makes him seem shaman like in his wisdom, or something.  In reality, it makes him look like an idiot!

To whom is the bachelor married actually has a simple answer: no one.  As soon as he does, he ceases to be a bachelor.

"Look it up."


This phrase pops up everywhere every time some desperate person is grasping at straws trying to justify their own behavior--whether an action or a belief.  Anyone who employs that phrase is on the ropes.  It's intellectual terrorism: the last and first gasp of the desperate and destitute.


It is no more than "The burden of proof is on you; it's your turn; the ball is in your court; you can't prove me wrong; go get the ball, Rover; stop hitting yourself (said while hitting you with your own hand)."


Looking something up fundamentally requires a source in which to look it up.  You can't surf where there aren't breakers and you can't search the index for page numbers in a kitchen sink (sinks don't have indexes or pages).


This get-out-of-getting-pwned-free card annoys me thoroughly.


I've never heard this before.  Hopefully I never will again.  It is, I believe the term is, batso--somewhere between merely having bats in the belfry and being batshit crazy.


There's nothing named "Einstein theory".  There are special and general relativity theories, both created by Einstein, but even so, they indicate a sort of exchangeability between time and space, which contributes nothing to the "position" of anything.  Hell, if anything, it might suggest that God be localised in time--i.e. mortal or not even born yet.

I've never heard that question before, and a search on Google didn't return anything. It's just a nonsense question not worthy of any response IMO.


More or less, yeah.  It's just useless babble without any more actual meaning than the Ontological Argument.
I've never heard that question but to be honest it looks a lot like the sort of blather you hear from psychotics. Peeps who make such utterances aren't capable of rational discussion. Try as you may you just can't reach them.




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