Sorry if this video has been discussed before, I haven't found the search button yet!

I saw it a few years ago, and I thought it was very cool. Things he said seemed to check out elsewhere for what little checking I did. If he's basically accurate, then it's totally awesome. Has anyone been able to falsify this as a junk video?

I thought putting this into the "Winning Arguments" group would be good because if it's basically true, it shows exactly why religion is false. It would be a totally winning argument.



Zeitgeist [Religion] The Greatest Story Ever Sold (1of 3)

Zeitgeist [Religion] The Greatest Story Ever Sold (2of 3)

Zeitgeist [Religion] The Greatest Story Ever Sold (3of 3)

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Yeah, there are good points, but they're mixed in with an equal dose of pure nonsense.  It's more effort than it's worth to try to figure out which bits are which.  You're better off going to another source that isn't full of it.
I've thought of it as a mixed bag for years now. Some things seem OK, but others I can't find reference to. Some sites debunk it, but I don't know the sources there, either. The other zeiteist parts of the movie get really strange. It's almost like every conspiracy theory wrapped into one movie.
Mike, I'll do that. Right now I'm reading

Tim Callahan’s Critique of the Movie Zeitgeist — The Greatest Story...

I found the full movie easily on YouTube.


I second that. The premise that Christ is a myth is most likely true but his take on it is not very scholarly. Some things he oversimplifies and others are so twisted and convoluted that its worthless.


I recommend a combination of other sources that are more scholarly and more easily followed.

Read Bart Ehrman and Robert M. Price

Watch The God Who Wasn't There

These source do give citations you can follow-up and verify.




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