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Sam Harris Argues that Moderates Provide Cover for Extremists?

Recently I noted that Saint Gasoline reiterated one of Sam Harris' talking points:Clearly, religious fundamentalism and extremism is direct…

Started by Ben

27 Oct 14, 2010
Reply by Mason Colbert

Why It's So Tricky for Atheists to Debate with Believers

Very good discussion of atheist-theist debates by Greta Christina, author of the Greta Christina blog. Why It's So Tricky for Atheists to…

Started by George

27 Sep 27, 2010
Reply by Natacha Girardot

Does the New Testament say that Christians are supposed to KEEP preaching?

I'm curious about something. Is there anything in the New Testament that supports the idea that once someone's heard the gospel, Christians…

Started by The Big Blue Frog

5 Aug 24, 2010
Reply by Joseph P

How do I talk about my new-found atheism with my family?

Humanist Network News column by Richard Wade Dear Richard, I've been an atheist for only a year or so now. My mother passed away when I w…

Started by Aiden

12 Jul 28, 2010
Reply by Rachael T.

For Whom It Might Help: The Biblical God Concept - A Logical Disproof

A version of the following disproof entitled The Biblical God Concept - Nullified has been published in The Freethinker which is the online…

Started by John Jubinsky

3 Jan 31, 2010
Reply by MissElainie

I need help!

I'm in a debate with a theist on youtube. This round started off when he posted this: >>But God cannot break the Eternal Laws of th…

Started by Richard Healy

22 Jan 31, 2010
Reply by Richard Healy

Duration Of Noah's Flood

Archbishop Ussher calculated that Noah's Flood began on this day (November 25th) in 2348 BC. Question: How long did the flood last? Ethic…

Started by Michael

0 Nov 25, 2009

How to counter the claim that atheism is also a "faith system"

I have only had one debate on this topic, so I am rather new to the idea. It was really pretty easy. However, since I've never debated some…

Started by Johnny

17 Nov 5, 2009
Reply by Richard Lawrence

Ecclesiastes disagrees with fundies

This text seems to contradict nearly everything you've ever heard a Creationst say about evolution and life after death: Ecclesiastes 3:18…

Started by Michael

6 Sep 26, 2009
Reply by AcesLucky

Evolution, morphology and eating nylon for kicks.

Okay this is Nephilimfree - a particularly vociferous and not to mention bat-shit crazy theist apologist here attacking Evolution - specifi…

Started by Richard Healy

0 Aug 27, 2009




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