welcome, take a moment to introduce yourselves
we will get the ball rolling on actual topics in a wee bit

i go by msnomer71 on the youtubez but please feel free to call me meredith, i am atheist and a post-modern feminist.
i think this group has a lot of potential.

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I really think this group is a good idea...Nice to meet everybody.
Hi, I'm an atheist and live in Surabaya, Indonesia. I was born & raised here. Went to US to continue my study (sorry, I have to disclose where I was on this public board). I started leaving my religion the first year I was in the US. It was something I wanted to do for so long but was afraid of doing (I had my first doubt in God when I was 11 or 12). Unlike what fundie Christians in my childhood had told me, I didn't suddenly turned evil after I left god. :) In fact, I've become more humane, forgiving, tolerant, and best of all, I finally feel I'm in my own skin.

When I went back home, I suddenly felt the religious fundamentalism here. It was uncomfortable. That brought back the memory how the Indonesian Government demonized 'atheism', which to them is some kind of 'belief'. They still do until now. I realized it would've been ridiculous had I expected to live openly as an atheist. So, I went into closet. With strangers, I avoided conversation about religion, faith, and god as good as I can 'cause I try to not disclose my absence of belief in god. My family members (mother, brothers, and a sister) know about my views though. My first brother, an agnostic turned into Christian fundie, preached on me once. I let him know how his prejudice about people without belief hurt my feelings. He hadn't started any conversation about it anymore. Our relationship is still good though. I know he meant well and he knows I'm not evil.

After the first year, I started to gain a courage to come out. I've told several good friends and co-workers I can trust. But I don't think I can be too open about it right now. The Christians in my town are quite soft but I'll never know what the Moslems would do. Indonesians have too many misconceptions about atheists. It only takes a crazy 'Ustaz' to create a religious clash in Indonesia, and there are quite a number of them these days.

The good news, I just recently did some google search and found that I'm not the only atheist in Indonesia! It was such a relief. We've been keeping in touch with each other through the internet. I never thought I'd ever feel the need to be in any atheistic organization before, but I've just had it enough with religious freaks in my hometown. ;)

I still hope to meet more atheists in my hometown, which is why I joined this site. No dice so far but I keep my hope high. :)
I'm so glad that you found people to relate to in Indonesia! Being in a network with people of the same interests gives us strength. It's very important.

My name is Kerry. I think I've been a feminist my whole life. I can't stand being reduced to a reproducing chunk of meat. ...sorry, that was harsh...ummm..... I'm a Mom to two, a 8 yo girl and a 3.5 yo boy. I'm quite concerned about how to influence them to be open and responsible adults. We are currently reading Free to be, you and me! I'm in the process (taking the slow calm road) of divorcing their Dad. One reason I had to end the marriage was for all his talk, he really didn't see me as an equal. And actually thought that our relationship would work better if I would just submit to his will. Yeah, right!
Hello all. I'm Jane, I'm 32, mother of one, trying to finish my BA and get on with my life. I consider myself a humanist first and foremost, and I feel that being "feminist" is just a part of that. I know, the f-word is a problematic term.

I look forward to teaching my son to think for himself, and to be responsible for his own actions. :) And I'm really looking forward to following this group and hearing what everyone else has to say.
Hello everyone,
I just joined this group today!!!!
I joined the Nexus a few months ago.
Definately have two X chromosomes!
I am a life long bike commuter! I'm 40.
Certainly consider myself a feminist and hate that it has become the "f-word" - makes me sad...
Child-free, being a lesbian has lots to do with that - but not as much as coming from a large "breeding" Catholic ~ ish family. ( I was an aunt at age 10) ~ my parents weren't practicing Catholics (they given up!)
Happily in love, we just had our 6th anniversary.
I have a B.A. and a B.Ed. but work a rather mindless desk job.
I knew god was a sham from around age 11, but only recently became 'passionate' about freethinking.
I think I'm veering towards anti-theism and I'm ok with that!
tho' I'm a literature / humanites gal I LOVE science especially really great science magazines ~ I have a small crush on Nina Jablonski!
I wish I had the time to learn about Linux to further free myself from 'virtual' tyranny!
I'm also Canadian, into Fanfic and enjoy writing ...
Glad I joined this group!P.S. Tho' I have no tattoos I am thinking about it...
Hey Ally I can totally relate to your explanation for not having children. It made me smile. I also come from a large "breeding Catholic~ish family". And I was an aunt at age 4!
Hi Chicks!!! My name is Kelly and I'm 40. I was born and raised in the buckle of the bible belt, and here I am!! A non believer, and PROUD. I never believed what I heard in church, as early as I can remember. I have a 12 year old son, that I am having to struggle with to convince him to keep an open mind. It's hard down here. There are more churches than anything else down here. I am looking forward to reading and posting about the issues in the lives of women like us. Open minded, caring, and smart! I find I have a hard time with female friends where I am. Most of them are mired in the religious life and make me uncomfortable...alot! Plus, there is no real intelligent conversation. (please I can't hold a conversation with anyone that looks up to Sarah Palin....rofl) Anyhoo...looking forward to intelligent female topics!!
Hey Kelly, same problem here... I'm surrounded. help! :D
I'm Sarah, a 29 year old married secular humanist. I recently moved from Coquitlam, near Vancouver, BC to Redwood City, CA. I like reading, writing, gardening and science. I was a member of AN and this group in the past, but took a break from forums for a bit. I recently started hitting them again, and came back to AN because of the nice things people had to say about it on The Brights' forums.


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