Stigmas are terrible, aren't they? Let's abolish the stigmas and talk about the day when we felt comfortable enough to say "I'm an Atheist" or "I'm a Feminist." (or both!)

I remember when I was first making youtube videos, I wasn't comfortable using the word feminist simply because of the negative connotations, the stereotypes associated with the word...

I suggest we abolish that fear! If you're going to represent, then do so confidently!!

Viva la revolucion!!


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To me a feminist is a woman who decides for herself what and who she wants to be, whether she wants to be a stay at home mom, or the next president. A feminist is any strong woman who believes she can do anything regardless of the so called gender roles that society has put on what she wants to do. If your choices in life are based on what you want to do with your life, not what society dictates, I think you are a feminist, male or female :-)
Well I first used both titles on (awesome site plug). My screen name there is BiMamaFeminAtheist and my user icon is pro-choice.

I think I'll go dye my hair purple again - I'm feeling spunky!
I just looked in this group. At first I thought this was a group for women who didn't like to call themselves feminist, being that there is another "feminist atheists" group. But I see that most do consider themselves feminist, but maybe in a more everyday, practical sense, rather than getting caught up in theory and deconstruction. That's basically how I am. I'm not into female chauvinism. I've been angry at male sexism in the past but then I've also had women hurt me a lot and I just look at people as people. I feel better thinking of people as individuals, or human, rather than on male and female teams. In my view, both men and women should be free to accept or reject gender roles and be themselves.


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