Study says chemotherapy is safe for pregnant women

A new study has found that pregnant women who are diagnosed with cancer can have chemotherapy without endangering their unborn child. Researchers say there appears to be no greater risk of birth defects or other health issues.

On Medica says every year, hundreds of pregnant women face a decision about what to do following their diagnosis. Some refuse treatment until after the baby is born while others opt for an abortion, especially if the cancer is aggressive and they are in the early stages of pregnancy. But now German researchers say there is no need to end the pregnancy, or delay treatment because the fetus will not be affected.

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I would not have thought this to be the case.

Chemo is pretty deadly even if not pregnant...

Chemotherapy definitely saves lives but it can kill, too.

Sure chemo is bad, but cancer is worse.

16-Year-Old Girl Dies of Cancer After Being Refused Treatment for 3...

The young woman was forced to wait to begin chemotherapy to treat her disease as hospital officials initially refused to treat her fearing it could terminate her pregnancy.

You'll remember we've discussed before about not constantly encouraging population growth. This to me is a perfect example. We know at least a strong percentage of cancers have genetic components. So if cancerous people are procreating, we are propagating the cancer gene into society... This is not only more people... but more people entirely dependent on pharmaceuticals. And at 16 y/o, she should have aborted, in today's society that's no age for procreating! This type of procreation is highly irresponsible, and society ends up paying for it. I have no empathy for this situation at all.


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