Because women have been smoking more like men, since the 60's our risk being killed by smoking has increased more than an order of magnitude.

Risk of Lung Cancer Death Has Risen Dramatically Among Women Smoker...

... changes in women's smoking habits during the last several decades have significantly increased their risk of dying from lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) when compared to past female smokers.

For women who smoked in the 1960s, the risk of dying from lung cancer was 2.7 times higher than that of nonsmokers.

From 2000-2010, the risk of female smokers dying from lung cancer was 25.7 times higher than the risk in nonsmokers. The risk of dying from COPD was 22.5 times higher than that for nonsmokers.

For men over 55 and women over 60, the rate of death from all causes combined is now at least 3 times greater among current smokers as among people who have never smoked.[emphasis mine]

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This makes sense. I think heart disease rates are probably increased in women as well. My mom fit those statistics. I think if I had known what lung cancer was like, I probably would not have smoked as a teen and young adult. 




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