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These sources inspired today's letter to my legislators. This is the version for Republicans:

In the seven months since the Republicans gained power they’ve wrenched the sane stable country that Obama turned over into a downward spiral toward nuclear and climate self-immolation – while the public can’t tell what’s true in our out-of-control world. We have a wildfire-ravaged West, storm-ravaged Texas, storm-ravaged Florida, and the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico catastrophically destroyed, at the same time that we teeter on the brink of war with North Korea and in the Middle East and have alienated our allies.

That this degradation has been deliberate sticks in the throat like a chicken bone. Every single policy promoted by the Republican Party and by Trump, every single nominee they’ve appointed to office, is directed towards making the worst decisions for the future to promote opportunistic gain for the very few in the present.

  • Instability is being maximized in financial markets, by removing regulations designed to prevent crisis and to protect investors and consumers from criminal predation.
  • Instability is being maximized by accelerating environment destruction for short-term profit of the few.
  • Instability is being maximized by inflaming hate and division to divert attention from their criminogenic power grab.

Our leaders are the source of the United States’ multiple crises. As Arun Gupta says, “It’s all part of Trump’s strategy to create one crisis after another at a whiplash pace to keep everyone off balance.” Dr Lance Dodes warns that no previous president has been so obviously dangerous. “The need to be seen as superior and a lack of empathy or remorse for harming other people are in fact the signature characteristics of tyrants, who seek the control and destruction of all who oppose them, as well as loyalty to themselves instead of the country they lead.”

Every time Trump lands in a mess of his own or the Republican Party’s making, he twitter-attacks to outrage, offend, and divide. This diversionary tactic shifts media attention from a world of real issues, like Colin Kaepernick’s protest of police brutality and racism, to our new reality-TV, alternative-fact universe that revolves entirely around one madman. Congress and the media seem unable to focus on the millions of constituent deaths at stake. Trump makes it all about him.  We deny reality and fail to notice real-world malicious intent, lies, corruption, multibillion-dollar money laundering, Russian election interference, deliberate incompetence, and terrifying climate destablilization.  Using shameless racism, magnification of existential threats to knife edge, a tsunami of lies, and infantile personal attacks, Trump controls our attention.

I urge you to call out the Trump administration’s deliberate strategy of creating crisis after crisis after crisis. You can lead in returning the Republican Party to sanity, morality, individual opportunity, and the common good.

image sources: wreckage45*, text mine

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Ruth, this description of Trump's outrageous behaviors and the lack of challenges by Republicans in Congress pinpoints the evidence that this country spirals out of control. The people, filled with fake news, lies, distortions, denial, greed, heartless lack of compassion for the pains inflicted intentionally on the public reflects irresponsibility of leadership. The inability to respond to legitimate needs of our people in a timely and organized manner demonstrates the consequence of greed. To think of Trump as a leader of our nation and my Representative in Congress, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, silently impotent in failure to confront him on his irrational behavior, irresponsible policies, and unjustifiable selection of his cabinet, reveals just how confused and misguided the voting public is. 

Thank you again, Ruth, for your clear statement of the problems; you definitely base your comments on the behaviors of an intentional thug, a weak Congress, and confused public. 

We need a strong leader as President who has the interest of the people and the planet. We need a Congress, ready, willing, and able to confront the President when he or she exhibits poor leadership. We need a well informed public who can articulate the needs of the people and planet and make wise choices in this representative republic. 




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