This is a little different, but not much, from how to write letter to Senator.  Again, this info is from wikihow.  There is overlap with the Senator letter writing concept.

How to WriteLetter to Congressional Representative.

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I don't think many Representatives (or Senators) are publishing email addresses these days; they tend to offer contact forms on their websites instead. It's understandable as a way to control spam. Just be prepared to compose your letter in plain text, without bold, italics, etc.

I didn't look for others, but my senators and representative all popped up with first try at web search.  Maybe they are unique.

I wrote to senator McConnell on his email site. There was a post on the site that said please allow 45 days for a response. I wouldn't bet on getting any response. I've been trying to call his DC office for three weeks now and the phones go straight to a recording.




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