This is mainly for those of you under 18/still living at home, though it can obviously be applicable to older people, as well.

How many of your parents know that you're an atheist?

My mom and step-dad are both very fundamentalist Christians, and as far as they know, I am as well (I sort of stopped doing all that about the time they moved a state away and I moved in with my dad). I don't want to deal with the huge falling out I know would occur were I to tell them. They might also try to make me move in with them again. Plus, to be honest, I need their support and help right now (and especially next year, when I start college), and I know that would all be withdrawn if they knew I'd "turned away from god."

My dad, on the other hand, while he does believe in god, is not any sort of religious person. I don't know if he knows whether I'm atheist or not, but he wouldn't really care either way.

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My parents both know that I am an atheist, they are semi okay with it... not that it would matter to me if they weren't... they never ever sent me to church and there was never a bible in the house but they still claim they believe in a god. I don't know why they would even think I would turn out religious when the matter was never pushed by them and on sundays I didn't attend church I sat around the house and watched docs and the history channel... They are supportive but it is semi awkward overall.
Thats nice to have a back door option you could say but over here in NY if you get kicked out your left to the wolves. I already had to take one of my friends into my house because his mom is a total !@$$!
Thankfully, I grew up in a country that is the 10th most atheist country in the world - New Zealand. Also, my parents are agnostics, and allowed me the choice to do with my life as I will - this lead to me becoming an atheist, based upon logic and reason.

If your parents love you, they should be able to put that before their religious views, in my opinion. I always thought I would raise my children the same way my parents raised me - with casual indifference toward religion.
Which country is first? England, I think I heard.
Nahh, It's Sweden. 90% of the people are atheist or agnostic :)
I only live with my mom and shes super religious, so if I told her now I'd have no place to stay. My dad recently just got out the pen and now he's doing this whole making up for lost time thing but he at least tries to understand me and where I come from so I could probably tell him, but I'm afraid he might tell her. And my cousins (all of which older than my mom) are very religious and encourage my mom to "keep the faith" and "bring all your problems to god" and to go to church (and drag me along for the ride) and in fact my oldest cousin is a prophetess. Reading yours and others stories are helping me to make a decision in "coming-out" and I might tell my dad.
Wow. I am scared at reading a few of these stories, about how "I have to keep my atheism secret because if my fundie parents knew, they'd kick me out, and I can't afford it right now". It really says something about the messed up values and priorities of fundamentalists...
But anyways, I absolutely support playing the sleeper-cell-atheist until you can/want to move out. Living like a bum is not worth it.

I've always been an atheist, and my "spiritual" parents know that I despise talk of the "supernatural". They value my education more than my spirituality, so at least they have their priorities straight.
...My mom's praying for me p*sses me off a lot, though. Prayer: how to do nothing and still think you're doing something.
Me dad knows, and my mum has a basic gist.
I was, basically, raised in a nondescript situation.
I guess thats cause my mum was raised catholic, and does believe heaven and "higher power" etc etc
and my dad is athiest/Bright. I still recall, in 4th grade, having to go to my dad and ask him what "A God" was. Funny now, cause I was born and raised in South freaking carolina, you'd think it would be some universal truth that would jump my blood stream from the holy scented air. Dad, he turns to me very, VERY seriously, looks me in the eye, and says "a guy who lives in the clouds." Which is true, obviously.
And when people die, my mum always says "we know theyre in heaven now." I dont want to be a dickhead, I love my mum, so I'm like "Yupp, good old heaven, playing golf with jesus, or what ever those silly Christians do." Kidding. I dont hate theists, what ever is what ever to me.
I wasn't sure about how my parents would take it, but when I told my dad after my parents divorced, he confessed to me that he was, too.

My mother knows, but never says anything. I don't ever talk to her, so I don't really know what she thinks of it.
I tried to tell my mom that I was Atheist and she told me I didn't know what I believed.

My dad believes in god but hates religion and basically told me the same thing.

So I do my best to avoid church and talk to my agnostic uncle about it.
It's our secret. He's my mom's brother & she doesn't even know about his agnosticism.
I really dread telling my parents. I'm 14, and was never really a big chruch person, but my moms a really devout Christian. It's not like I want to force my beliefs on them, but it's like they're forcing theirs on me, which really offends me. I guess they wouldn't if they knew, but if they did know, everyone in my family would seriously disown me, which cannot happen right now seeing as I don't even have a best friend or a job, and I do plan on attending college, which will be totally out of the question without their financial support. I can earn scholarships, I'm sure, but it'll be really fucked up if me, the straight A independant daughter, is moved out and can't attend college, while my older brother who still has no job is living at home because he shares their beliefs.
I tried telling my mom last night; I really did, but she got all defensive and saying 'don't you believe in God; there will be no atheists in this household' and all that. This sucks; I wish I had someone I knew to at least talk to, but I'm new at my school and everything.. Maybe I can buy replacement parents at Sears.
Gonna kick you out if you're an atheist? Duh-hamn! That's insane... What is wrong with... er... (Insert country here)?!




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