This is mainly for those of you under 18/still living at home, though it can obviously be applicable to older people, as well.

How many of your parents know that you're an atheist?

My mom and step-dad are both very fundamentalist Christians, and as far as they know, I am as well (I sort of stopped doing all that about the time they moved a state away and I moved in with my dad). I don't want to deal with the huge falling out I know would occur were I to tell them. They might also try to make me move in with them again. Plus, to be honest, I need their support and help right now (and especially next year, when I start college), and I know that would all be withdrawn if they knew I'd "turned away from god."

My dad, on the other hand, while he does believe in god, is not any sort of religious person. I don't know if he knows whether I'm atheist or not, but he wouldn't really care either way.

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My mother is extremely religious!My step father is kinda religious,all of my mothers family is very religious,My father isn't religious.Right now I'm slowly trying to tell them.Hopefully it will go well.I doubt it though.
My mom knows but it's very recent. We're fueding about it. She won't let me celebrate christmas or any other holidays with her now. She wants me to stay away from her church & has been telling everyone.
Weird lady. But the reaction is not surprising. :/
My mother and stepdad are very religious. As far as they know, I'm a born-again Christian. My dad believes in God but isn't at all religious, and doesn't care that I'm an atheist. If my mother knew, she'd flip. I'm scared to ever tell her, because I love my mom more than anything and if I lost her I'd be broken. That woman has carried me through everything and, when the house gets scary, her prayers are comforting (no I don't believe praying to nobody works, but it's conforting to know she cares enough to disturb her god for my silly fear of the dark and then lay with me until I fall asleep). What she doesn't know won't hurt her, and I'm not telling until I'm completely ready.




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