What is the status of atheism and religion at your school?

I no longer attend school (starting college soon!) but where I went, there was a Christian version of almost every club on campus. Even a Christian Athletes one! It's ridiculous. There were however a minority of atheists on campus who tended to hang out together, but we weren't outspoken or anything special unfortunately. We were just geeks. ;)

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I don't know very many atheist at my school, only one other. There's just one Christian club there.
There are about four Christian groups at Case Western. The freethinker group started last year - I'm almost a founding member.

There was really only one noticeable Christian group at my high school - Young Life. Their local leader person was actually banned from the grounds, if I remember correctly.
At the school I just left (uni in october!) there were Christians, people who didn't care and got really angry if anyone did care (in the name of Political Correctness) and two of us who cared and were atheists. And I'm the only militant atheist: the other guy was primarily an anarchist.

I wrote the school an anonymous open letter about the headmaster proselytising at us, but I'm too much of a wimp to have done anything more positive. Attempts at starting a Freethinker group met with almost violent protest from Christians. But this is Britain: there's still a law on the books legally requiring schools to have a daily assembly of 'broadly Christian' nature. So I just blogged about it. Hurrah for the UK.
sorry about that man. I was a wimp too most of the time, but i still have connections through friends to that school, and i'm trying to "release thier minds" as it were ;) I'm not sure of the success, but i will check up on his progress.

Do you still have any friends, or were they all a little too gun-shy to be close to you? Becasue if you still have people "on the inside", i have an amazing list of sources to work with. If you want that, of course.
At my school i was the only one i was aware of all the others were christians
well there was a girl a knew she was small and an ahteist these christians pinned her to a wall and took a crucifix over her to move it like a pindulam.
Not surprising, religion is just another motivation for bullying.
What can we all say religion is an arrogant thing pegans and wiccans seem to be the ones who dont bully people
hehe atleast there not hippocrites like christians and islams. But atleast pegans and wiccans have a life and dont kill people for opposeing beleifes
Amen to that! After realizing how horrible Christianity was when I was a lot younger, I had a brief stint in Wicca before realizing that it didn't make any sense either and becoming an atheist. I have a huge soft spot for Wiccans, well, most of them.
i dunno, i think that wiccans are at least a little hypocritical, if they get really sick they go to the doctor like anyone else. still, worshipping nature's not too bad, they're doing much the same as what scientists do, except in a much less rational way.




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