What is the status of atheism and religion at your school?

I no longer attend school (starting college soon!) but where I went, there was a Christian version of almost every club on campus. Even a Christian Athletes one! It's ridiculous. There were however a minority of atheists on campus who tended to hang out together, but we weren't outspoken or anything special unfortunately. We were just geeks. ;)

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Same here but most of the people i go to school with who claim to be christian are kinda judgemental. Oh and just the other day one of my christian friends said it took more faith to be an atheist i thought, "yeah not believeing in a person who rose again and could turn water into wine and walk on water takes way less faith then just not accepting any of it" *rolls eyes*...lol
i only know only like 5 here where i'm at and everyone here is a goddly ppl and they get on my last nevere..grr...and for the clubs every club here is just crazy bussiness crap and there all christianly like and all that other crap
We didn't have any outright Atheists club though there were several atheists on campus. Definetly a minority compared to the christians, who had a bible club, but we had some numbers... Yeah, I would say we were geeks too haha
I was thinking of starting a "WORLD RELIGIONS" club, but you have to have a teacher who will mentor it. Sad to say, a word and some cryptic jumble of letters: "South Cackalacky"
We have a single christian club: "First Priority" they have hundreds of fliers all about the halls, so have lots of objects that relate to hobbies (guitar, book, dress, etc) all laying at the base of a cross, and the other flier is a huge list of hobbies (skating, dancing, sewing etc) and in bold letters, the words "What is your first priority" is in the middle of the page. They meet before school everyday monday, or something, and basically have a bible school shindig.
But thats not enough, nooo, even though the football teams rams their skulls on a regular basis, they dont seem dumb enough to deny christianity, and there is a prayer before every home game, (including all other sports) and before the award ceremony and probably before practically everything else (except band, I was in it, people who are in music classes tend to be more open minded, not chorus though)
At my school there is a christian club that prays all the time but they say to all the atheists at my school we are goingto hellifwe dont change and god is waiting for you. I am the only one that is very outspoken and usually geti n trouble by a teacher and they tell me to be respectful....Umm hello the bible huggers wont leave me alone and i get in trouble for speaking my mind. I know thereis a small percentage of atheists at my school they are just afraid to come out. My school states they are not religious but nearly all they teachers are catholic or comitted christians.And alot of the students and teachers wear crosses or have some religious symbol and i getin trouble for Putting the Atheist A in my locker.I think teens like me that arenon believers should come out, for the sake of getting religion out of the school's
So true! It's a stupid situation- You are surrounded by symbols, and conversation, and looks, everywhere you go in the school, and you are being intolerant or disrespectful when you tell the bible thumpers to go thump themselves.
religion has more of a free life at my school.

plenty of christian organizations.

christian athletes
christian gamers
christian environmentalists
christian musicians
and something else.....

atheism on the other hand, has not a single club. the few other atheists i know in the school (which are very limited amount) have mentioned trying to get an atheism club, however past attempts have failed.... greatly failed :/

of course the greatest irony is that the above clubs are the only ones of their kind.

their isnt just a casual gamers club, nor a casual athletics club.

just the christian ones
I'm familiar with the "Christian Athletic" one. Also, at my school... you've got two opposites. We've got a ton of people like me, and then there are the people who try to 'save' me.
My school has both a Christian club and an Atheist/Agnostic club, although the latter is inactive as of right now. I'm sure there are more nontheists in my school that I am not aware of, but I also know of some who really shove their beliefs down people's throats and that just really bugs me.
My skin would start burning if I ever set foot in that place because I wouldn't be able to stand all that righteous godliness! ...Plus my skin isn't accustomed to all that heat :P (I'm from the northwest)
Hah. My French teacher used to teach in Amarillo. I can believe what you say about their reaction...
Not too long ago I approached my English teacher (whom I happened to know is an atheist) and asked if she would be willing to be the advisor for a secular club I wanted to start, mostly in response to the Christian clubs (not as bad as Yvette's there, but there are a few), and was informed that, while the students don't seem to particularly care about each other's beliefs, if she were to accept the other teachers would harass her about it. I, honestly, was shocked by that, but after thinking it made sense. So while the atmosphere among students is quite relaxed, there seems to be a bit of tension among the staff. Who knew?



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