i joined atheist nexus to meet other atheists, i was wondering, what do you guys think i should do to meet other atheists, im 16 so i would really appreciate being in a group

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If you have facebook, there's a great group called Atheist, Agnostic and Non-religous, or AANR.
It's the second biggest atheist group on internet.
nice to meet you.
Are you a regular there?
I'm more a bystander, but I do like participating in the occasional discussion.
Actually, nvm. I remember seeing you around..
yeah i joined it, i just wish there was a way to meet other ohioan teenage atheists. oh well, ill meet some eventually.
I have similar complaints. I live in Utah, in a very very high Mormon population...
i know exactly what you mean. i know a lot of people who say "oh religion is stupid" and claim to be agnostic but for the most part they're idiots and not worth having an intelligent talk with because they honestly have no idea what they're talking about. just angry teens wanting to rebel with no substance behind their convictions. i have yet to meet a smart agnostic or atheist my age.



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