I thought that, because of the lack of activity, there should be an introduction thread. Just... introduce yourself; describe why you're atheist, tell us some bobbies.. You know, the usual :)

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Hello my name is Sufian from Amman, Jordan. I like calligraphy and sculpting and I work as a web developer, I don't believe in God because... I don't know, I shouldn't have to explain :)

Hi-yo everyone, Will here, I'm an atheist for so many reasons but really atheists shouldn't have to give reasons, (atheism being the default position) the believers should...


Well I am 20 now, so I figured I should say something before I sadly age out... My teenage years were absolute fracking hell for numerous reasons... but here I am sitting on my uncomfortable wooden chair, drinking locally brewed raspberry beer, attempting to connect with some sane youthful people online (  :


Hmm I don't have boobies, or bobbies, maybe you meant 'hobbies' Melody :P


I'm a news-a-holic, documentarian (luv documentaries) really interested in current events and politics... I really like good food so I cook, and music is the closest thing I have to a religion. I also enjoy good TV and anime. I am finally entering into a period of change for the better, so you can expect this list to explode as I have many more interests than hobbies that I actually do. I think the first new extracurricular I'll add will be dating ^^      


I have will, we all do, just for being here.

My name is Deja i play guitar and piano was born in DC but raised in VA, and i never believed in god, i always though it was bs...

hello my name is Joshua Falgout, from Gonzales LA. i became an atheist about...4 years. i already told my parents im an atheist, etc etc. i love guns, love music, the violin, cello, (i play the french horn thou)

I guess since I just joined, this would be a good place to introduce myself! My name is Danielle Steitz and I am a high school senior living in Pittsburgh, PA. I guess I've always been an atheist, but really embraced it about 3 years ago. There are a myriad of reasons why I've embraced atheism, but one of the biggest factors was watching the hate that the catholic church (I was raised in it, luckily by two parents who are generally apathetic about religion) could unleash on people just for being different than the church wanted them to be. 

My hobbies (I'm assuming that's what we're going with, even though I initially read that as "boobies"... awkward...) include songwriting, music in general, writing in general (sensing a theme yet?), reading, and just enjoying time spent with people I care about. I'm a political junkie who reads the newspaper and ForeignPolicy.com on a daily basis, and I'm an avid sports nut. I'll be starting college in the fall of this year and will be studying international relations and business, hopefully at Georgetown University or Johns Hopkins University. 

hi my names is jorge razo i am from san antonio tx i speak Spanish and English i am the only atheist in my group of friends and in my fiends on Facebook i only have one atheist friend :/. i like to have philosophical conversations. i also like to have arguments with religious people haha. i like all kinds of music from instrumental classical to trash metal reggae rap spanish music. I effing hate religious music >.<. my operating system of preference is ubuntu Linux and i have lived in mexico for 10 years and 10 years almost in the us. i am hoping to make some atheist friends and have a good time chating with everyone :D

Hi my name is Stormi. That's my real name and I get asked that a lot. I'm from Springfield, TN but originally from Pensacola, FL. I am a drummer and hopefully soon getting guitar lessons. Music is my life. I'm an atheist because, being raised in a christian environment showed me how fake and controlling it is. I studied up on my bible, looked for proof, and found none. Science makes more sense, and "god" never helped me nor anyone else I know.




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