Hey guys, I'm looking for some people, 18-25ish (numbers can be fudged though) who would want to be involved in starting and producing a podcast on atheism.  somegthing that would cater to a younger audience of about the same age range.  I haven't seen many out there, and I'm looking to get involved, so this is my start.  I know on A/N that there isn't a centralized area, so most likely Skype would be involved or something like that.


about me; Im 23, i've never been a believer.  I'm well educated all around, but even more so in counter apologetics~  I guess if you're interested we'll get to know each other better anyways.  I have a very satirical sense of humor...  I'm a big fan of The Daily Show, if that helps any.


Any ways, if you respond I'll give you a list of questions so I can get to know about your views a little better~  If you look up my posts on A/N you will also find that (and this is my wording mind you) I'm "scholarly" but I write a lot, and I'm well informed on issues that I write about.


I guess the point is, if you have ever thought of getting involved and getting your voice out there, here is the chance.  Let me know here, or just send me a message to my account.  looking forward to hearing from you!

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What would be the focus and content?
well, it was posted quite a while ago, but I guess would be secularism from a more youthful standpoint.  Most of the podcasts out there are by people in their thirties or above, so they may not find the audience of youth that a podcast by younger people might.  Its just an idea, if you have any suggestions I'm totally open to hearing them.
oh, ok, you see when I think about atheist padcasts I feel that most areas are pretty well covered, especially by big one such as Point of Inquiry, though I hadn't thought of one for a younger audience, which sounds more workable. What areas would the podcast cover, so like in an episode what could a topic be and what would be the content? Would you be able to create interviews? perhaps there could be a comment wall or email, which could be read out on a certain subject.

Thats sorta what I was thinking.  The youth market is completely under-served when it comes to atheism, and that youthful age-group is often when people are really starting to question things, and also under a lot of conflicting influences.  being able to start something like that which would tailor to that group could help a lot of people, and starting a community around it would help foster responsible thought and politics for years to come.  


statistically, the majority of people are religious as children, lose religion in their teens, and then pick it up once in their twenties or thirties.  If there was a way we could reach them when they are in that disbelief portion of their lives and arm them with good reasoning, there would be no reason to become religious again later.


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