So, I actually wanted to  write about something more concrete and less personal but seeing as the world hasn’t changed much when it comes to underage sex( my opinion) I decided to post about it and see what many young atheist think about when it comes to sex. I spent most of my summer reading the old testament and found that God acted out pretty much with insecurity and violence more often than not for the most ridiculous of reasons …{just like any failed parent would }


So there was no surprise when I skimmed through and found the little bit where it promotes the “stoning” of basically anyone who commits adultery, among other reasons. However there were a few rules concerning this and most of the time, you could come out alive but frankly the whole being raped and then stoned thing was pretty absurd but then again almost everything in the bible is. So I looked at some of the passages’ briefly and came across this


 -----------à “Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.”---- Hebrews 13:4


This is pretty much self explanatory but what’s the real purpose behind it? When does something become sexually immoral based on both antitheist and theist perspectives?  Is there a logical point to staying abstinent even though you can always use methods of contraception and protection? 


Now for the personal bit...Im still a “virgin”. Ok, you can laugh but maybe Im like this for more than the expected reasons. Maybe I don’t want to share that part of my body with anyone yet or better yet, maybe I don’t need to. I’ve had the ample opportunity to be with someone but somehow at point of no return, I feel wronged and somehow concerned. It may just be psychological, like some repressed guilt for having stumbled upon porn to early in my life. Thinking logically, I don’t see a problem with consensual protected sex at all at any age.

So, where does the moral compass begin and end when it comes to sex and well anything? Why am I an atheist who frowns upon underage sex? Without the thought of religion, is adultery an immoral act? Should we be punished by our parents for it, should we feel filthy with guilt? More importantly, should we punish our future spawn for it?

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Nowadays, sex means nothing IMO. It's a very personal and intimate act, yes, but it's seen as more of a milestone these days. For guys, at least. I can't speak for the opposite sex. I personally think adultery is wrong, but it depends on the relationship and if the party that has been "wronged" finds it offensive or not. When you're in a relationship there should be some clear understanding between the two parties about what is acceptable and what isn't acceptable. Some are commonly shared while others are different. Some people are totally fine being cheated on, and some aren't. Me persoanally, I'm all about monogamy(sp). But there are some people who aren't, and that's totally fine.


When it comes to the moral compass about underage sex, again it seems ot all come down to the point of view. Some people are fine with it and others aren't. One of the biggest issues I see with underage sex is the emotional complications tht are doomed to follow afterwords. Some people see sex as a serious act of intimacy and loyalty while others approach it casually. That's a recipie for disaster if I've ever seen one. I think there should be a mutual understanding between the two people when it comes to sex and communication is key. But nowadays (and quite possibly since the dawn of time) sex isn't seen as such a big emotional concept. It seems like a goal that's expected to be reached. Throughout my experience as a teenager, I've heard the phrase "I need to get laid" more times than I can imagine. It was something my friends always talked about, and believe me, I'm not innocent either. Society seems to have made it so that we're expected to lose our virginity at this age, what with this being the time where we're in the middle of/finishing up with puberty and how glorified sex has become over the years and whatnot. A lot of people look at me weird when I say I'm a virgin at eighteen years old. Hell I've only kissed one girl, and a lot of people, including myself tend to think something along the lines of "loser" when the said subject comes up.


Basically what I'm saying is that society's a key factor in this whole concept. It's perfectly normal and understandable to frown upon underage sex, regardless of your creed, race, or walk of life. It's also normal and understandable to think the exact opposite. Case and point; the 1960s'. While a lot of people follow society's moral compas (in this case, "underage sex is wrong"), there's always a modest sum of people who spite the social norms, aka "Everyone thinks thinks should be this way, so now I want them to be the exact other way because I'm differen and unique." We're just a weird species, really. That's what it comes down to. IMO, at least.

a study in the UK 2006 interviewed 46 women in-depth and found that 9 out of 10 though casual sex was immoral. I believe it is our culture which gives the idea that sex is taboo and immoral, although this has been changing for a long long time. Many religions also take a similar view, the only exception is marital sex. So why does our culture see sex as immoral? I will now speculate with my limited knowledge:

  • Sex gives pleasure. Guilt may arise from sympathy for those without pleasure. It is beneficial for society to make pleasure guilty as it is more likely to be shared that way, e.g. food. 
  • Often people perceive it immoral when other people have more sexual partners than them, but not if they have around the same number of sexual partners. Jealously as well as the urge to spread ones own individual genes over others. 
  • Sex was and still can be dangerous. Multiple sexual partners could increase the chance of sexual diseases and is bad for the tribe. 
  • The lack of relaxed discussion of sex in popular culture may perpetuate its negative presentation. e.g. he-who-must-not-be-named + the lack of informed discussion can lead to lack of knowledge and myths.
  • Some people may feel that casual sex is detrimental due to perceived lack of emotional commitment. "Sex is an emotional experience so how could you have sex without being emotionally involved?" 
  • Adultery could be immoral in the same way that lying is + it detracts from the spread of genes.
  • Maybe more...

If these factors are associated with sex in general then they often latch on to forms which they do not actually apply, e.g. porn.


Perhaps you "frown upon underaged sex" through some of these reasons, plus a societal influence.

Sexual acts should not be punished on the basis of them being sexual . e.g. cheating on a partner should be punishable for lying, but not for the sexual behaviour. Children should not be punished for sexual behaviour.

 An interesting fact about pleasure: Some religions take pleasure from other people's misery e.g. the Catholic Church.





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