Anyone else tired of this?

It seems today everyone is worrying about us teenagers. Mainstream media wants to show you what drugs "all the teens are getting high on these days" (I saw one news episode where they said teens are getting high off of fermented shit).

There are countless religious groups (mainly Christian youth groups) that try to "spread the gospel" to "lost" teens (aka the non-Christian youth), usually by way of constant harassment.

I find it kind of funny that back in the 50's and 60's when our parents were growing up, no one really cared about whatever crazy shit they were out doing - and hey, they turned out fine didn't they?

According to mainstream media we are more trouble for today's adult population than all of Al-Qaeda combined.

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There's a club at my school that talks like this. I infiltrated it a while ago, but stopped going after three meetings; it was making me sick to my stomach. They never found out I was an Atheist, but if they'd asked I would have told them the truth. The most they ever asked was if I went to church, to which I said, no, not for a while (not since elementary school, actually). These people are the ones we need to be worrying about, and what they'll do to hinder our future.

The combination of such high levels of arrogance and ignorance is enough to give someone cancer. It should be remedied immediately before there are any casualties.

slow news days ;)
What the media needs to worry about is my foot shoved up their arse. They did drugs and drank and partied and all that shit as teens, their parents did, they know we'll try it. If they prevent it now it'll just happen in our adulthood. There's a whole generation slowed down right there.




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