Hey there everyone!


So I’ve had an idea for a while. It’s been brewing and bubbling around in my head for a couple of weeks, and I wanted to see what you lot think about it.


There is a blog I quite enjoy called fbomb.org. It’s run by a teenage feminist called Julie, has been around for a couple of years now and has become well known in feminist circuits. The basic premise of fbomb is that it is a place for teenage feminists to come together and collaborate. Julie submits a lot to the site and writes blog posts most days, but there are also a lot of other regular contributors who may contribute once a week or just whenever they have the time. Any young feminist who wants to voice his or her opinion can send Julie a submission and she will read over it and usually post it on the site. It’s a really great, regularly updated site that those of us who read and contribute appreciate so much.  It’s well loved by a lot of people and every post gets at least a couple of comments and often really interesting discussions are sparked.


So, I was thinking, why not do the same sort of thing for teenage/young atheists? I know a couple of people who have considered starting their own blog on numerous occasions but have never got around to it, or feel they don’t have the time or potential audience base to set something up. Lots of people here have great ideas to contribute but it can feel that the voice of young people gets lost sometimes and it’s hard to find somewhere to congregate where it’s just us. Starting up a blog by your self can feel a bit daunting and it can be difficult to get the internet traffic coming your way, but blogs like fbomb combat this by banding together and supporting each others’ work. I feel this sort of model could be a useful addition to the young atheist community.


What do you guys think? Is this something you would be interesting in contributing to? Add a comment or send me a message with your thoughts – let me know if you would be interested in reading this hypothetical blog, contributing occasionally or regularly, or if you would like to take a more active role in getting this project off the ground.  Or just ask if you have any questions! :) 




PS- Also tell me if you think this is a horrible idea. I'll try not to cry. 

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Hmm, interesting!


I've always thought about starting up a blog of any kind really -- I know I like to write but honestly the biggest trouble has always been what to write.  Combined with the topic of Atheism would be just great since I do think I have a lot of ideas on the topic but they are often overshadowed by more extreme positions, blowing things out of proportion!


I don't know if I would necessarily help contribute, but I do have the time and I would at the very least read it!


Good idea, thanks for sharing :).

Great to have your support, Alecks.


Maybe if you didn't want to commit to contributing regularly, you might consider just writing out a few paragraphs on something atheist-related that interests you and submitting it on a one time basis. I want this to be really low pressure so people can express themselves however they want and however regularly they feel they want to. I know what you mean about not knowing what to write about - it can be hard to feel you have the potential to be creative but be stuck on how you should channel it. 


But thanks for your kind words of support none the less! 

That sounds like a pretty cool idea, I'd be happy to contribute in some way. Is the focus going to be youth+secularism? or is it just anything atheist? 


I like the idea of low pressure too, hopefully this will enable more people to contribute, i'm sure there's lots of young atheists out there with something to say. 

Whats the blog gonna be called?

Hi there Syntax Error (love your user name by the way!)

The general focus is in anything that the contributors want to talk about. So I guess that covers atheism, agnosticism, skepticism, secularism, humanism, current news events, personal stories and opinions...just generally anything that might be of interest to young people who are nontheists and free thinkers. I would like to make sure that at least some of what is covered is directly applicable to young readers as they are our target audience.

As for the name, I'm not sure yet. That's one of the details I have yet to finalize. I'm toying between giving it a more creative name, or naming it something with the words "young" and "atheists" in the title. Something creative would be more fun, but if I make it obvious, people looking for that sort of thing may be more likely to find it when searching through Google, and I would like to reach as many people as possible. Any ideas you have on the naming front would be appreciated.
I was thinking something along the lines of "Atheism in our Generation," really it's the first thing that came to mind.
ye "generation... something" might be good. I don't think is should be to directly related to youth, cause its just not very cool. perhaps be careful about specific labels such as Atheism, could exclude people you want.

Yeah, Generation something could be good. I feel we should come up with a couple then we can choose from that. I'll get my brain in-gear and thinking of a couple of suggestions...


I agree about not trying to be too young and cool - that nearly always backfires! I don't know about using the word "atheism". That is the sort of audience we want to appeal to, but I don't want agnostics and people who are just starting to question their beliefs to be put off. But then again, I want people to be unashamed of referring to themselves as atheists and feel like there's a safe haven for them. 

Well, in the most specific use of the word, Atheism can be used in conjunction with words like Agnostic.  I do consider myself and Agnostic Atheist.


That said, perhaps simply using the term "Nontheist" would appear more friendly even though it means (more or less) the same thing, like at the top of this website :P.

Maybe we could have a more creative name and then a tagline at the top of the site with something along the lines of "A safe haven for young atheists, agnostics, skeptics and freethinkers to discuss issues that affect their lives and futures"...or something like that.
"Non-thiest feast"? - or even "Feast on the Theist' with the tagline 'the lions are hungry'.
Haha. That would be quite funny! Maybe a bit confrontational though. I will add it to the list. Here are a couple that I came up with (some of them are quite bad but, hey, it was a brain splurge!)

Generation A
Hopeful Heathens
The Shameless Godless
The A Word
Emerging Atheists
I, Atheist

Any thoughts (or ones you think we should definitely cut!)?
haha "I, Atheist" , I'm still keen on the generation thing, has a good ring to it




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