I think the greatest difference is how males of religion treat you.

For me, it comes as a "I'm a male, I know better than you, how DARE you speak up against me!"(I've had an orthodox jew do this to me before, via a crazy facebook argument--he was very upset that I compared religion to systematized misogyny).

I've also had my own father get super-upset when I tried to explain that I was Agnostic(I'm not, I'm atheist, but Agnosticism was supposed to be easier for them to...swallow...), and he...reacted badly. I was told that I was going to take whatever religion that he, my father, told me I would have.


 Any other females get the whole "I'm gonna tell you what to do because you're female" reaction from religious people?

Please tell me I'm not alone in this.

I think it especially affects -young- women, like myself(I'm 21), because it's often older men or men maybe 1+ years older, claiming that they know better than I do.

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I know exactly what you mean. Although I also tend to get ignored by religious men. I went to the Reason Rally last Saturday and talked to many of the protesters. I noticed a trend while I tried to talk to them and while I was just watching the conversations. They discuss (or rather preach at) issues with women for maybe a minute, but as soon as a male in the crowd had something to say they would turn all their attention to them and ignore the woman when she tries to get back in the conversation. That didn't happen with the men though. I've also recently been getting a lot of the "you're just young" or "it's just a phase" treatment lately. I especially hate that one.

The presumption of arbitrary -insert adjective here- special privilege is always evil.

Wouldn't it be neat if we could dial up that "ignore women" that is so ingrained in theist ideology, so that it was just full-blown; "leave women the fuck alone!"

Hey, I can dream, …right?

The "it's just a phase" treatment is what I hate the most, and the one my family chose to adopt, of course. I just ignore the fact that they ignore my atheism and bring it up everytime religion is mentioned. 

Hmm. Not so much the bashing of women, but I have seen some religious sexism. Like Christians who literally believe that verse in Timothy in the bible about how a woman should not speak in church, and they can't have certain jobs. Ugh.




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