Youtube user ThunderF00t has a channel in which he puts out videos regarding science, religion, and the like. His longest running series is "Why do people laugh at creationists?", which is quite funny, but the big stink he and another user have been in recently is over something more serious than youtube debates. They began some time ago debating religion with one another some time ago, but eventually this broke down as user VenomFangX (the Christian debater) filed DMCA complaints against Tf00t.

Long story not-as-long: the take-down notices were made under false pretenses, subject to perjury (big fine and up to 5 years in prison). VFX has denied that he made requested the claims, but had a friend use his account at his behest, though this friend has replied saying this is untrue. Good news is that Thunderf00t knew his rights and is currently having his attorney write up a settlement with VFX to keep from taking him to court for an attempt to subvert the legal system and use powerful legal tools to silence someone.

Much drama (and a bad joker impersonation) to be had if you watch the video chain. I almost feel bad for the VFX guy since he jumped in legal waters that were way over his head, but his lies and attempts to censor and bully opposing views to his (not just tf00t, but 150 videos in total) makes that feeling dissipate pretty quickly. Part of me wishes this would go to court to set precedent for others who would try this.

You've gotta remember that the internet can be serious business when you start filing legal complaints on people. Especially when you try to shut up someone who's intelligent and knows their rights. What does the rest of this group think about this?

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I absolutely LOVE Thunderf00t and have watched this thing with VFX unfold on YouTube. I'm with you, on one hand I want to feel bad for VFX (he really got his ass handed to him) but on the other hand, what he did was wrong and I would love to see him prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I thought Thunderf00t's offer to VFX, to withdraw from YouTube, was a fair one and I was actually surprised that he offered it in the first place, given what a little jerk VFX is. Just my opinion.
I guess it was an attempt to "turn the other cheek" to resolve the situation rather than resorting to any means necessary. I find the ultimate resolution they're looking to do even more leinient than having VFX leave youtube. As Thunderf00t said, this seems to be mostly because having VFX to bang around serves to get Thunderf00t plenty of page views and ratings.
I don't feel bad for VFX at all. He dug his grave and jumped in it. Thunderf00t offered him a rope to pull him out and he hung himself with it.
VFX is just a nasty little prick. ThunderF00t needs to go after him with full legal force to show him and other that you can not use false DMCAs to push people you don't like around.
VFX apologises.

Its empty of course, he's only doing it cause thunderf00t made him.
An empty apology given under only threat of legal action and after many derogatory and threatening previous statements that clearly shows he sees no reason to have to make such an apology and resents having to show even the slightest consideration for the view of his opponent?

It's okay, the Anglican Church and the Vatican do the same every time they apologize to groundbreaking scientists decades or centuries after their deaths. He's got good Christian company.
Yep, he's has "good" company.
Despite the apology being fake, he's suffered a huge moral blow here. By admitting he lied (a sin (but Christan always have there get out of hell free card "I have faith in Jesus and he has forgiven me for my sins")) he has destroyed the claim that he is morally superior and harmed his cause in the proses. So it is a victory.
Well, he may not be heartfelt in this message, but from what I've gathered it was VFX, TF00T and his lawyer who wrote this up. I agree that he's pretty much discredited as having any guise of a moral high ground now.
I've seen that VenomfangX.He's a real zealot.You have to feel sorry for the poor guy.He's just so brainwashed.
Don't feel sorry for him. Its not like he one of the brainwashed sheep who ether are not interested enough or afraid to look up what evolution really is cause they have been taught for so long that evolution came from the devil. He's not one of those, he know much of what he says is a lie, he knows he's a lier.
Its like in The Matrix when Morpheus tells Neo that some people would even defined the matrix, VFX is one of those.
I've been following this whole thing. I'm a subscriber of Thunderf00t, I just love his vids! VFX is such a little douche. His voice and his face just irritate me so much. I don't feel sorry for him one bit.




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