On my YouTube channel, I am beginning a series of videos exploring the hypothesis that the visions, hyper-religiosity, dramatic religious conversion, and perhaps even hypo-sexuality, of the Apostle Paul were due to temporal lobe epilepsy.


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Epilepsy vs. possession! oh man i needed a good laugh...
lol... some folk go nuts (no pun) if they dont have an orgasm each day...
guess some go nuts if they're distracted from praying
unfortunately praying/wishing for bad things to happen to; or acting out (terrizing) against fellow, taxpaying, citizens.. what planet we on again? oh yeah, almst4got.. ; )

Not coherent enough for me to understand the point you are trying to make.  Please try again.  Structured sentences are helpful.

I've seen your videos. Religious people hate epileptics too. You're not alone. This story the Apostle Paul told in Damascus was in Prometheus Unbound. Originally, Achilles was on ANOTHER Roman road, when Zeus struck him with a bolt of lightning, and had a religious conversion. Yeah, the Apostle Paul wasn't a very good liar.

It's very doubtful Saul was epileptic. Let me tell you from experience, Mark. Epileptics don't see visions of Jesus Christ. We black out.

If you want to join the epileptic hate club, believe me, I'm a member. I'm not even concerned about health care anymore. SUDEP sounds pretty good. You can't avoid hating yourself after the things Jesus called epileptics in the bible. Idiots. Twisted. Demon possessed. Religious parents make sure you know you are bad, crazy, and stupid. What's the disagreement between you and the religious crowd? Everybody hates epileptics. It's just the way it is. We are unworthy, and weak.


Just be honest if you hate a group of people. You won't offend me. You won't offend many epileptics either. Some of the closest people we love, our families, have said worse than you have in your videos. 




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