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HHmmm the video does stir some uneasy feelings, but they where there illegally due to the state laws, in the video excessive force was used but other news reports I look up show that the crowd was out of control. I think these videos where shot in a calmer region of the protest. It did raise questions, like aren't the officers supposed to clearly state the reason they are there? Once again though that is based on state laws. It’s not the police we need to fight, it’s ourselves. You see these permit laws where placed because we asked for it. little old ladies where sick of seeing protest in their backyards, or lawmakers where trying to find a way to stop the black rights protest and these permit laws where passed. We need to fight those laws, not the police.
Ah yes, man-made laws, make man lost.

Later gooreelah!
Well, No laws bring chaos, God made laws bring immorality, either way were fucked...
god made laws bring...?

it's all about education, modern education
AronRa type of education




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