Hey Folks,

I have to say that watching many of the fantastic Atheists on YT really made me feel less isolated and alone in my views.

It has also giving me hope for humanity - which seems kind of funny, considering how often YT displays our worst qualities.

So who made you laugh, or feel inspired?

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Hi Glen,
Yeah I have to say if someone on YT just swears / insults / browbeats I don't bother with their videos.
However, people I do subscribe to have sometimes given in to the urge to be confrontational though generally in an ironic / comedic way, I think it must be hard not to with the BS that they put up with - the stuff you describe in one of yours: false DMCA's votebots etc!
One channel I subscribed to and really miss was "Defender of Reason" - not sure why she disappeared.
Thanks for including the link to your work, I watched a couple and yes - far more calm and grown up than much of what is on YT!
Defender of Reason and I corresponded a fair bit; she was great.
But apparently her boss found her videos and got snarky about 'em; in this economy, one can't afford to not have a job, so she made the obvious choice...but, alas, perhaps not the best choice. :(

Believe me, a lot of us in the YouTube atheist community miss her.
Thanks for letting me know, that really sucks!
Yes she is pretty awesome!
I think it helped reinforce it.
ah, I forgot. Ray Comfort makes me laugh!
Oh Yes! Ray Comfort is Very Fun!
I think the videos from Thunderfoot, Potholer54, Cdk007, Donexodus, nonstampcollector, edward current, Andromeda'swake, extant dodo, aronra, FFreethinker, darkmatter2525, patcondell have all helped to further the education of rational thinkers. We can get 'ammo' to reject the assertions of the religious while at the same time answering some of our own questions that nag us. No one has all the answers, but I'm satisfied with the ones I have. Without YT, I would be alone in my search for truth.
Also, vids from VFX are a fine source of entertainment, and give us exposure to the kind of false logic we
are up against.
yes a little but i wish people would give more replys on my videos so they could give me advice to improve or say i am doing good.
Not really, but it did help me to understand the arguments that others have for not believing in god.


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