Does anybody here have any ideas on how to get theists watch a video? Here is the link to the video I put on YouTube so you can watch it if you want: I've had eight views but nobody answered the question I posed.

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Make your video a response to a popular atheists video. Someone like EdwardCurrent,TAA,GIIVideo, Jesusophile, and even TogetherforPeace (theist).
Good idea I should have thought of that.
Excellent and important topic. I consider this question one of the paramount problems facing humanity. Richard Dawkins spends an entire documentary trying to tackle this question in the Root of All Evil.

The fact is churches have insulated themselves over the centuries with foolproof edicts and fatwas. Anyone who intrudes into their belief system is seen as a consort of the devil. Followers are ordered to recognize the threat (to Catholics “an occasion of sin”) and stay away as if their life depended on it—worse yet, their soul.

Also, they are indoctrinating their young (as many as possible, à la “be fruitful and multiple.) At a tender age, children will believe in Santa Claus, and the religious leaders know this well. When a child is indoctrinated from such an early age, he/she is extremely difficult to deprogram.

Education, like A/N and YoutudeAtheists and similar undertakings, is the only way to reach them, but it’s going to take a lot of time, although recent USA Today polls show we’re making progress.

My fear is the endmeme lurks, and recent events in Pakistan are getting serious. It’s a race against time. Hit the “endmeme” tab for more on this or search Youtube on “endmeme.”
If I had the time, RAM, patience, and passion, I'd make stuff; in such a hypothetical situation, I think I'd just give it a title that makes it seem like it's supporting the other side and put any infectious information I was going to put in right at the beginning so that even if they scurry away to protect their views, they can't unsee, unhear, or unlearn.
That's a very interesting question, Joe. In fact, I may use it next time I get that knock on the door while I'm sitting watching baseball on Saturday.

Yeah, that's when the fundies come a-knockin'... usually when the score's tied, the bases are loaded and count is even.

Incidentally, if you really want fundies to come to your door, put a menorah in the window during the holiday season. Seriously! It's like using carrion to draw hyenas (a somewhat appropriate analogy).
Let me know how they answer the question.
I find the tags help. Add tags like Jesus God Love Morals Bible, you know, stuff theist would search for.
Also, send a mass e-mail to all your contacts (of course be ready for retaliation in your personal e-mail...)
Also start commenting on the theist video. Then the Video Creator and friends will come to your Page.
I made comments to one theist's video and got blocked, it turns out people don't like being called insane. Maybe I should be a little more diplomatic next time.
An intersting article, not on theism/non-theism, "Question the Question," makes the point that "A hypothetical question is no more important than the likelihood of the scenario it assumes." So, one way to look at it, is that the question is not relevant enough for theists to bother about. However, the biggest problem is the video title: it should provoke response, because most often the video title is the first, most important thing a searcher or browser will see.

I don't know how versatile your ability to video record is, whether you have a portable camera, but you might try going out and engaging either people you know or perhaps even strangers and asking your question directly. You could also just record to a digital audio recorder, which are relatively inexpensive for a generic model, selecting images to display over the recording, especially if you take the stills yourself, if you have that capability. There are a great many highly competent video producers on youtube that your videos are in competition with for attention, so the higher the production values of your finished works, the more likely to spark interest. No offense intended.
I put it on facebook and catch them unawares....
Amusing, but ultimately, non-effective, unless you have many theistic facebook friends. My experience has been that, for example, when you join facebook usually you start by adding a few of your friends on it that think basically the same as you do. Facebook then suggests friend connections based on their friends or subjects (or other criteria), and so on, and so on, and so on, but the likelihood that you are inviting theists for friendship is lower rather than higher. Most profiles are private, so mostly it would be hard to determine who is a theist and who is not. Now, even if you turned off all privacy completely on everything you do, your posts and your visibility are in actuality limited mainly to your own connections, i.e., there is no larger facebook community that is reading or viewing your stuff the same way your connections are, only those you have started a relationship with. Now your posts may be accessible to the world at large, but unless your stuff is being indexed by search engines, no one outside your little group will probably ever know about it, unless it is featured for some reason, say along the right sidebar. They can find and view it the same way a youtube video would be, e.g., via Google or other search engine if crawled, but mainly you are probably just "posting to the choir" there.
Funny thing is a guy posted a video response to the follow up video to the one I linked to in the original post. The problem is he spent most of the video answering the wrong video and when he did mention the correct one he didn't seem to know what I asked. To be honest, I barely understood what he was talking about.




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