I really, really want to do an unabridged dramatic read of Kent Hovind's dissertation for YouTube.

However, some people have told me that there might be an issue with copyright. Are there any lawyers in the house?

I really want to do this. I think it would be exciting and fun, and would provide hundreds of laughs. I would use different, goofy voices, funny pictures, and, if I can get my hands on any, dramatic music and funny sound-effects.

Please let me know if it's possible...

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If it is copyrighted then you can only do parts of the dissertation and not the whole thing, I think. It's been awhile since I studied copyright law so, I could be wrong.
But are dissertations copyrighted?
They can be. It would be made clear , though.
I just looked at it. Nowhere does it say anything.
Hi, I've been involved in publishing for many years so I think I can help.

First, unless deliberately placed into the public domain, anything and everything is copyrighted automatically under international law. You can strengthen your claim by putting a legally worded copyright statement at the start, but it is not necessary.

Second. Some universities claim copyright on dissertations.

Third. The fact that most of the material in it is not copyright itself is not relevant.

So.... Legally, yes, either he or the university holds the copyright.

However, Hovind is on record as putting all his work into the public domain. He makes a big point about you being able to copy and distribute his videos and lectures and it could be claimed that declaration applies to the dissertation.

Now. Returning to the original question, can a video be made as detailed? I would say yes.

It would actually require either Hovind, or his diploma mill, to complain. Hovind is not in a position to do so at the moment.

If I had the ability to make it then I would.




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