Hi! Thought I'd introduce myself on this group.

I'm KimDonesia on Youtube. I was one of the most subscribed Muslim female Youtubers, however left Islam, pissed off a bunch of Muslims, and lost a large chunk of subscribers.

I recently uploaded a video introducing myself as a new addition to the atheist Youtube community, however got hit with low ratings from Muslims.

So I'd really appreciate a bit of support over on Youtube... Maybe some 5 star ratings, some extra subscriptions so I can keep my Youtube partnership.

Only if it's not too much to ask! Thanks. :D

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You came to the right place, Kim. Welcome. You have a lot of like-minded people here. Before long you’ll be wondering how you ever believed the Muslim nonsense.

Here’s a fun post of mine. I don’t know if you ever heard of Dr. Zakir Naik but this video is so strange you’re be wondering the same thing. The man is an imbecile because all he knows is the Holy Scriptures.
I'm already wondering how I ever believed everything in the Qur'an!

Ok cool, I'm watching the video now.
Yay! You made it to the Nexus. Welcome to the site.
Congratulations on your newfound freedom of thought! I'll check out your videos.
I visited your video, rated it five stars, and subscribed. Good to learn of you.
Congrats on your escape from mental bondage. I was a pentacostal preacher who left christianity a few years ago. I am grealty interested in islam (not in a conversion sense). i'm interested in their philosophy and world view and exaclty what they believe. i read a book called "Why I'm Not a Muslim" by Ibn Warriq. I look forward to hearing your story and watching your vids.
Interesting... You are the second ex-muslim in a week. Must be the start of an epidemic. ;O)

Hehe. There are quite a few apostates from Islam "coming out" these days. By the way, I don't like the other guy. "jajaborreturns". He seems to have a problem with my being an anti-theist, and has even made a video speaking out against me having this stance on religion.
I used to be muslim too. Glad to see im not the only one with some sence.
Fascinating stories! I subscribed :)

Errr.... Do you still have your pre-atheist videos for us to see? I'm curious.


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