Hi! Thought I'd introduce myself on this group.

I'm KimDonesia on Youtube. I was one of the most subscribed Muslim female Youtubers, however left Islam, pissed off a bunch of Muslims, and lost a large chunk of subscribers.

I recently uploaded a video introducing myself as a new addition to the atheist Youtube community, however got hit with low ratings from Muslims.

So I'd really appreciate a bit of support over on Youtube... Maybe some 5 star ratings, some extra subscriptions so I can keep my Youtube partnership.

Only if it's not too much to ask! Thanks. :D

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And yes... If you search for my name ("KimDonesia"), you'll find videos that others uploaded of me while I was a Muslim.
say wird sin!
aka true that son!

Long live the green revolution of Persia!
Down with the Iranian President, Macmood Ima dinner jacket.
"Macmood Ima dinner jacket"... Never heard that one before!
Say wird sin? What language is that? Lol.


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