Palin quit as governor. It’s pretty transparent that she has her eye on the presidency. Like Rush Limbaugh, she hopes President Obama screws up worse than W. Bush so she can usurp power and impose old-fashioned Christian values on American people.

This scenario could bring calamity to the world.

I have two reasons to contest her. She is infested with the endmeme. She actually believes Christ is coming again with his nasty horde of angels to avenge the sins of fornicators. And she believes to Lord is coming in her lifetime.

Second, she’s a glossolaliac. She talks in tongues. How deranged and disordered is one’s worldview to engage in such a practice? If elected she would make W. look like Einstein. Here’s some neat talking in tongues—at least to me it is.

Here’s my video on the endmeme.

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I think she's actually nuts enough that if she made an intention to go for the oval office she'd be either kicked out by the republican party or laughed off stage by the general population. Her resignation seemed to have much more a tune of dropping out of public life so she doesn't keep poisoning the well of the republican party.

Not to say they don't still want her around to help stir stuff up and try to keep the "democrats are the devil you betcha" froth going, but I would be immensely surprised if she wound up in the 2012 primaries and flabbergasted to see her name on my ballot come 11-2012.
Ronnie, I believe I'm right. I can't sleep well and listen to a lot of conservative radio. People call in and tell the host how much they love and respect her—to fanatical degrees.

Palin has some sort of Christian charisma. They think she's St. Helena come to punish the pagans.

During the election last November a Palin duo knocked on my door with literature. I told them they have the wrong house. They acted like they couldn't believe it.

It's going to be interesting. Please keep an eye on her. Don't be surprised if she winds up on primetime. Betcha.
You're right. It's the American people that's scary. Just think, they elected W. twice.
hopefully some idiot suicide bomber can get close enough to her


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