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None of us believes in Heaven, but how do we really KNOW we won't go there when we die?  What if you died tomorrow and through some freak cosmic accident wound up in Heaven, rather than in Hell where the real party's at?  Better make sure before it's too late!  Take The Blasphemy Challenge:

See you in Hell!

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The thing is, the Blasphemy challenge is an afront to christianity.
A lot of atheists are the militant type, but a lot are passive aggressive too.
Sometimes, I'm "in your face", sometimes not, always depends on who you're speaking with, I guess.
Sometimes I provoke 'god' conversations, and sometimes, I just put in my two cents worth by saying "I really don't see that WE have any evidence for a god to exist... do you have any?
I go back and forth on whether the blasphemy challenge really accomplishes anything.
I know that I'm not afraid of the 'holy spirit', but does my 'defiance' about someone's religion
really spark any conversation of ideas?
It sure got a lot of atheists to come out.

Also, I don't see how it's an affront to Christianity. It's not addressed to Christians at all. It doesn't even argue against their beliefs. It just says, "I'm willing to come out publicly and declare that I don't believe that passage, or in that god." That's not even 'militant', it's just unapologetic.

Haven't done it myself, but I think it's a great idea. I also support Blasphemy Day, as a statement about freedom of speech and expression. Blasphemy is a victimless crime.
I already answered that call in the final seconds of my first video.




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