I guess most of you have heard that VenomFangX, the favorite whipping boy of YouTube atheists, has been taken offline by his parents. He has claimed his removal was due to death threats he received from Muslims. However, there is absolutely no reason to believe him. Here's an article I wrote about it.

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Yes I was one of the first to make a vid, here is me and my friend talking about it the night we found out.


I believe the next step in humanity's evolution is breaking the shackles of religious superstition.

I wrote about this in my novel a few years ago. This is an important idea—once humanity is free of the shackles of religion we can move on to a spiritual being. As long as we fall under the control of the Prime Directive, humanity is not much more sublime than any other animal.
Didn't he say "*crying*I Leaving, you people are mean!" once all ready then came back?
Yes, and for the same reason. There is a higher power involved this time--his parents.
The loss of our poster boy for stupid creationists is a sad blow indeed.
PCS came back to make some videos in reply to Thunderfoot vs Ray Comfort. They are up on his old channel VenomFangX. I knew this narcissist wouldn't stay gone. He's up to his same antics and dprjones, among others, has made some brutal attacks on his return.

*Prince of Cancerous Sanctimony - my favorite definition of pcs



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