Does anyone know of a good movie editing program. I currently use windows movie maker, but it's quite limited and it gives all my videos the same sort of look and fell to them. I don't want to spend to much though :)

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Linux software Distributions come with free programs you can use for video editing. Search the web. Most hardware is definable by the Linux loader.
You may have to make a Linux partition on your hard drive to run it.

Because Windows OS writes fragmented files to your hard drive, it is less stable than a Unix for PC type OS such as Linux or Mac.

I use an Imac to load videos to Youtube. It has a video editor in the tool bar.
I've been considering linux for a while, but it seems somewhat complicated. Aren't there loads of different versions? How do you choose?
There is a "Linux Atheists" page to join with a link to distros and tutorials and "Just Rambling" page has some interesting discussions with Linux experts.
The Irreverent Mr. Black has some knowledge of this and he has recommended Linux Mint.
There's a Linux Atheists group to join!
I've always used Sony Vegas video. I noticed you can buy it for $38.00 on Ebay now. I've been using an old outdated version, but I'm going to buy and updated one soon. It's obviously harder to learn but is pretty much unlimited on what you can do with it.
I've done editing with Wax 2.0 and you can't beat the price... FREE! The biggest problem is that it doesn't work with a wide variety of video formats. It pretty much likes AVI.

It allows the use of video plugins, does chromakey, titles, audio editing... it's pretty cool.

It's available for Windows only at this time. I use Linux, Mac OS X and Windows depending on what I need to do.




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