I'm not one to loose his temper, especially when arguing with a believer, but I was recently talked down to by a bunch of believers who use discrepencies in pols and surveys to show that we make up less than one percent to just four percent of the poulation in the United States. I know that there are a lot more of us than that, and although it's not the first time that I've been called a liar by a believer, it is the only time I've actually been effected by it. 

I have a suggestion for a project for everyone in this group to do.  It's a simple little project that shouldn't take very much time at all.  We need to make a video that urges people who are not committed to coming out, or who are concerned about it to declaire themselves to be atheists.  They don't have to come out to their families, I know how rough that can be. The idea though is for those who really don't believe in god to declaire it in the US census this coming month. 

We should all make a video, post the links here, then forward one anothers videos to as many people as we can, and urge recipients to forward them on.  We should become active to let the people of the USA know that we are not a small group of misfits who number in the thousands, but we're millions of members of the population. 

We should target people who feel they're atheists and not committed themselves, and peopel who belong to pseudo religious movements like the Church of the FSM.  I know that this may seem a bit militant, but I'm sick of being thought of as a freak because I don't believe in god, and if we're not going to get something going to address the world, and let them know we're here, then no one else will. 

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Well, the questions on the census probably won't address religious affiliation:

There's sure to be a lot of non-theists coming out on Blasphemy Day, and this project is a repetition of the 'Atheist Out Campaign'. You can maybe wait a little until the Global Atheist Alliance Convention in Australia in March 12-14. http://www.atheistnexus.org/group/aai2008attendees
I'm sure they'll post some inspiring videos of the speakers. Last year we got a "call to arms" video by Jerry A. Coyne. You should check it out.
But anyways, go ahead with your video project :)
“I know that this may seem a bit militant”

Good luck on this. You are absolutely right.

Nothing wrong with being militant. I'm the creator of the “endmeme” (search YouTube) and am convinced that religious people will lead the world into an abyss in a self-fulfilling prophecy if they are not deprogrammed.

Major religions with billions of people believe in Judgment Day and the Second Coming of the Holy Prophet or JC. This is dangerous and unhealthy.

You are not alone and we're growing in numbers. The only question is, can we make changes before the likes of Sarah Palin and The Supreme Leader get into a pissing contest over Isreal.




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