Does anyone else believe, like me, that Youtube is going to and is already having a significant impact on the way young people are viewing religion. I've seen several polls/statistics saying that young people are migrating away from religion/God belief at the highest rate ever. I can't help but to believe that Youtube videos, whether found by accident or out of curiousity, are swaying the younger generations' views/opinions about "God". If I would have been exposed to anti-religious info at a younger age, I have no doubt that I would have been able to give up religion much easier/sooner. Anyone else have an opinion on this?

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Oh, yes, they are. Co$ is constantly trying to block information, but they are only the more extreme version. There are also some religious versions of parental control software.

Teenagers and young adults have the highs rates of atheism in US history. The UK is also having a decline.

They are scared. Praise the Macaroni.
Hear, hear! :D Much ♥ to ramen. [We'll see how AN reacts to html.]
I think you're quite right. However, one of the reasons I joined youtube was to try and moderate the kind of atheism promoted by many users. I don't like the, as you put it, "anti-religious" attitude taken by many speakers. In many cases it appears to simply replace one dogma with another. Attacking religion as an institution is incorrect. What should instead be done is an attack on dogma. As far as theism in general goes, one shouldn't simply attack it as "unscientific and therefore irrational" because that creates a dogma of science which has its limitations. We should and try to inspire the young to be more philosophical in their approach, asking questions and following lines of reason. As theism, in any meaningful sense, is not a logically supportable position, provoking minds to scepticism through means of positive statements is the more honest position in my view.
I believe so, Information as we all should know is a Religions worst Foe.
It certainly seems to help more than harm the cause for spreading truth and applying reasoning.

There is a famous quote by Thomas Aquanis or someone similiar mentioning that knowledge is an abomination to religion. I don't have the time to find it at the moment but most of you have probably read it.
Actually it's in Romans 8:7 "Because the carnal mind (aka the intellect) is enmity against God; for it it is not subject to the law of God, neither can be." If Thomas Aquanis or did say what you quoted he was paraphrasing this biblical verse.
I am not sure if it is the influence of anti-religion on you-tube or through the media. I don't think that gives our younger generation enough credit. I think alot of it is the evolution of man, it is not as condemning as it once was to question religion, even in our public schools {other than in kansas and oklahoma lol} our children are learning about evolution. Which in my opinion opens the door for free thinking and I feel that most of religions hold on people is out of fear of judgment. With out judgment what is religion but a scary bedtime story.
i am not sure if youtube has big influence on the younger public but i have to admit that it helped me find answers to questions that were quite difficult to answer, well on youtube i found the first clear mistake in the quran.. that was a wonderful day!! LOL
information and knowledge is a very well known enemy of religions. Scientific education can undermine any stupid unfounded miths. You tube is a way to get basic knowledge flowing in a good way but it can also allow BS from religious bigots to spread.
With TheAmazingAtheist's pompous, potent proselytizing of atheism in many of his videos, for example, I'm certain that Youtube has had an effect on how people think about atheism. Even producing any awareness of it at all in some people is a great change. There's no telling how many closet atheists have come out 'cause they've had a community in which to participate, or how many on-the-fence-ers now firmly sit in the god-free camp because of the freer spread of ideas that youtube enables.
I agree 100%.




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