Hi. I just wanted a place to discuss this:

Fix YouTube 2010
Defend Free Speech and Sign the Petition.

Creationist trolls (remember VenomFangX?) censor videos criticizing their views (Evolution, Atheism). This is devastating to the YT atheist movement, to say the least.
If you are part of the YT atheist community, please fight against this broken system.
Thank You.

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I signed the petition but I doubt it will do any good. Google has no interest in protecting free speech on youtube. They don't understand that people don't go to youtube to watch TV shows, they go to watch videos made by people.
Hm, I see. Thank you for signing nevertheless!
If I'm right, nothing will happen but if I'm wrong and no one signs, nothing will happen when it could have. I'd rather be wrong and have signed it than be right and not have signed it cause I've been wrong about many things.
Yeah, I signed too earlier this afternoon. I'm hoping for a little change; not much, but doing nothing means I don't get to gripe about it, and I do love to gripe...




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