This is pretty much off the cuff. My mission in life right now is to be a messenger of the coming paradigm shift from a global to a planetary society. What that means is that this new world order people are talking about and fearing is only going to be a flash in the pan that ignites the transition to a planetary society that values human effort above all material things. The time is coming when we will no longer need to work to make a living or work to live, but we will live to work. The HPP or Human Planetary Product like the Gross National Product will be reflected in how many human minutes are required to supply the planet with the 3 necessities of life, food, clothing, shelter. As we advance the time it takes for humans to fill the basic needs quota will be less and less.

I'm inspired by Jacques Fresco and his work on the Venus Project, and Future by Design, and his ideas about the monetary system and the resource based economy.

I started thinking how do we get the neigh sayers to get in line for this new paradigm? They say no money? Where's the incentive? So I have a plan for a system that will generate incentive, and the best kind, satisfaction. There is no greater incentive then the feeling of satisfaction of a job well done, otherwise this world would crumble because there are thankless jobs that people do because it gives them pleasure that they are helping people.

So here is the plan.

First we have to agree that everyone world wide, EVERYONE, gets paid the same, zero, zip, zilch. But everyone is provided food, clothing and shelter. All debts are forgiven, all current assets people own will stay theirs unless they want to share. Money will not be needed everything will be free, so if a trucker needs to deliver a load he doesn't need to pay for fuel, anything he needs along the way no charge, hotels, food whatever. The factories need raw materials to build the cars and trucks and anything that's needed they don't pay for materials. The power needed is free, farmers get all they need to farm, their laborers are taken care of with homes and food and all the necessities of life.

As this is happening the scientists and engineers are working with unlimited resources and facilites to develop automated systems that take the place of laborers. Medical research is unfettered by profit motive and breakthroughs are available to everyone. All patents are opened to every company, no longer is there wasted human effort in reverse engineering inventions to avoid patent infringement. All engineers are free to design smart roads that stay warm in the winter to melt snow and ice, illuminate at night so everything on the road is seen.

People who want to live in the country can and not need to be hooked up to any municipal water sewage electricity system. We have the technology to build fully integrated houses that generate their own energy, and process the sewage, collect and filter water. Even build "roaming" homes that move slowly over a landscape based on weather conditions or need for resources. Let's say we have a smart roaming home that uses organic matter to power it's systems, so it's a giant lawnmower in the summer, in the fall it's a leaf collector.

The incentive comes as we progress on a planetary scale in automation and health and sustainability that the value of the Human Planetary Product starts going up. This is reflected in how many human minutes it takes in a year to fill the Basic Needs Quota or the BNQ. Let's say right now it takes 18,000,000,000,000 Human Minutes per Year or HMY to sustain the status quo. In order to raise the value of the HPP we need to lower the HMY it takes to fill the BNQ. So we shift to the resource based economy and say Human Minutes are the highest thing we value.

We look at the worlds 6 billion plus people and we say that every one of their minutes wasted doing menial labor and mind numbingly repetitive work when those jobs can and should be automated is devaluing the HPP.

So how do we tackle these problems?

Look at the video game craze, it's not a fad, people like doing challenging mind twisting things, simulating danger or risk. Massively Multi Player Online Games bring people together to adventure and team up and solve puzzles. What if we cybernated manufacturing and delivery using game like interfaces, we can have a massively redundant system that people log into and let's say remotely assemble a car, but what they are really doing is quality control, because the over all system will not allow the operator to go beyond the parameters of the default settings, however if the human operators do a better faster more accurate job they get rewarded and the program controlling the assembly is enhanced. Passenger aircraft can benefit from a few extra eyes to help fly the plane and make safe landings even if the pilots aren't able. Also these cybernated systems having the benefit of regular human interaction fine tunes the systems, and enables a tighter manufacturing process or a safer transportation system or a more accurate shipping system.

As things advance and the value of the HPP goes up instead of spending 8 hours on the job, we only need 6. Then more advances happen and we only need 4 hour work days, and all the way down to 1 hour work days. Eventually everything will be so automated and cybernated that just living your daily life will supply the work necessary to keep things going. I don't know how all this is going to happen, but I'm sure it will, and not to far in the future.

The day will come when one Human Minute will be so valuable that a ton of Gold couldn't buy it, because theres a whole world in a minute, and this is what people have lost. We have lost the value of our own time and the time of others, and life has become so cheap that we don't have the means necessary to prevent deaths from floods, tornadoes, drought, earthquakes. Famine? We should be ashamed that famine is even possible in this world, because the abundance is there, the technology is there, what stops it is politics and money, two evils that need to be eradicated. We need to wake up and wake others up to the wholesale fraud of the monetary system, and the political system and the religious system (abrahamic monotheism) and every system that has a ruling class.

I hope to live to see the day when everyone has a home and food and clothing without money or fear of loosing what they have.

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