For all those concerned with preserving our future an online petition for The Venus Project has started.
You will find it here:

Peace and Love

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I love the concept. To be able to let technology and innovation guide us and be 100% sustainable is fantastic. To be able to live without a workforce so you can do what you want 24/7. Just think what can be accomplished if people pursue what they want vs. what they have to do. No worries about harming the environment because we will have all the renewable energy we could ever want.

Here's where I see a snag. Power and control are urges innate in humans. I don't see how these traits could function in The Venus Project or how they could be eradicated. Also, religion will have to be coat-checked at the door. I don't see that happening, but it would be nice.
yes i checked this and the zeitgeist program a while back. like dennisk stated the idea itself is great but it does have its drawbacks, many will say that this is impossible or that people wont want to work but people said that about the economical system we use now as well as about several other systems that were implemented that worked quite well. like stated in venus faq this is only likely to happen if we experience a great economic downfall but i fear even if that comes soon those with power and money will do what they did last time and lead the ignorant back into the dark. i also would like to state while i think the idea is inspirational and in all way progressive; the people who run and control the idea are simply the same as those they protest against. even the creator of the theory started his career by swindling his like minded supporters out of their money to buy himself land for this project and the way the zeitgeist program tries to show that the venus project is the right way to go is by doing the same thing christians and the like do in order to prove they are correct. which is of course finding faults in the opposing system, i fee if they wish to push such a motion forward they should continue to emphasize the things that are good and what would be correct in order to gain more followers, the slander im sure only raises up more skeptics.




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