Transition from a type 0 civilization to a type 1 civilization is the most dangerous transition, according to Dr. Michio Kaku. So it is important that we realize this and help it along peacefully.

The most critical element in our pre-civilized world (meaning right now, since we aren't totally civilized, I mean everyone on this site is civilized but a vast majority of the world isn't.) is energy. Since Edison electricity has become a necessity, and we have seen how helpless people in big cities are when power stations go out.

According to the Kardashev scale a type one civilization would have a minimum ability of harnessing 174 petawatts, which according to my rough calculations is 5.5 zettajoules a year. Now if worldwide we harnessed geothermal power and there is 2,000 zettajoules easily available we would only need to tap roughly .275% of that to become type 1.

Now that's not the whole story but, we need to do something to get off of the wasteful petroleum and other fossil fuels.

People are concerned about the global warming issue, and rising oceans, if we tapped geothermal in Egypt we could pump the sea water into the hot dry rock area, making superheated steam driving a turbine. We condense the steam making fresh water, what the people don't use can be sprayed on the desert to cool the sands, and water the land making plants grow, which will sequester CO2. The same for Arabia and the Gobi, Sahara, the desert southwest of the usa.

There could be so much electricity generated by geothermal that spacecraft could be propelled into orbit electronically.


P.S. sorry for the scatter brained post. :)

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