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How introverts react to extrovert bullying

“[A]t school you might have been prodded to come “out of your shell”—that noxious expression which fails to appreciate that some animals n…

Started by Steph S.

7 Dec 20, 2013
Reply by Steph S.

INTP (introverted, intuitive, thinking, perceiving)

INTP in a Nutshell INTPs are philosophical innovators, fascinated by logical analysis, systems, and design. They are preoccupied with theor…

Started by Joan Denoo

2 Nov 21, 2013
Reply by Joan Denoo

INTJ - The Scientist

The Scientist As an INTJ, your primary mode of living is focused internally, where you take things in primarily via your intuition. Your se…

Started by Steph S.

9 Nov 19, 2013
Reply by Steph S.

16 Outrageously Successful Introverts

J.K. Rowling Abraham Lincoln and Emma Watson have something in common. So do Eleanor Roosevelt and Christina Aguilera. They, like an estim…

Started by Steph S.

2 Nov 19, 2013
Reply by Steph S.

Introverts at the job

I found this article very interesting - do you find this speaks to you? I find that it does describe me - some things in this I hadn't thou…

Started by Steph S.

17 Nov 19, 2013
Reply by Steph S.

Revenge of the introverts

Camilla, 31, felt a little out of place at university. She made a few very close friends, but avoided the rowdy pub crawls loved by her pe…

Started by Steph S.

1 Nov 17, 2013
Reply by Idaho Spud

How To Make Friends As An Introvert

By Paul Sanders If you’re an introvert, then it’s not easy for you to socialize and make friends. For others, it seems so natural. But for…

Started by Steph S.

0 Nov 16, 2013

Debunking Five Common Myths About Introverts

Debunking Five Common Myths About Introverts By jenn-zee We live in the world ruled by the extroverts. "People's people" thrive in our soc…

Started by Steph S.

19 Nov 16, 2013
Reply by Steph S.

Kind of worried

I haven't told anyone this I don't think except one person, and she knows who she is. None here knows it either. I just sort of need to ven…

Started by Anthony Jordan

6 Nov 16, 2013
Reply by Homer Edward Price

Question: What Is Introversion?

Answer: Introversion is one of the major personality traits identified in many theories of personality. People who are introverted tend to…

Started by Steph S.

0 Nov 15, 2013




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