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American Atheists is a nationwide movement which defends the civil rights of nonbelievers, works for the separation of church and state, and addresses issues of First Amendment public policy.

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Comment by Stephen Turrisi on December 21, 2009 at 9:14am
Question: If you had the opportunity to give ONE book to a believer in an attempt to get them to think (note: I did not say 'convert' or 'un-see the light', but to THINK). What book would it be?

The Demon Haunted World?
The God Delusion?
(or ANY other book; this is just a few that I was considering...)

Thanks in advance!

Comment by David Miller on December 13, 2009 at 3:55pm
I'm an American from the state of Iowa and nothing in law interests me more than the separation of church and state.
Comment by AgeOfAtheists14 on November 25, 2009 at 5:45pm
Comment by Shamar on November 22, 2009 at 5:20pm
The Earth is Flat! And Other False Beliefs Based on Dogma and Pseudoscience that Stress the Need for Critical Thinking
Comment by Gwaithmir on November 13, 2009 at 2:36pm
Hi, everyone! I recently joined Atheist Nexus after receiving an Email bulletin from American Atheists, of which I'm a life-member. I served as Vice-Director of the Connecticut Chapter from 1984 to 1987. I would appreciate correspondence from fellow atheists.
Comment by Prem0 on October 21, 2009 at 10:13am
Hello all, I am new to atheist nexus but am a member of American Atheist. Nice to see everyone on here.
Comment by Ja'net on October 3, 2009 at 12:21pm
Hello all, I am new to the group and the site in general. I'm greatfull for this site and the American Atheist organization! Because I'm a non theist I tend to direct my gratitude to those who deserve it :)
Comment by lee on September 13, 2009 at 2:22am
I just got the American Atheists symbol tattoo =)

(i am very proud of myself)
Comment by Monkeyfinger664 on August 7, 2009 at 8:23am
Naomi, if you have found inner peace in realizing your atheism, then you own members of your family nothing.

"The Zen master Hakuin was praised by his neighbours as one living a pure life.
A beautiful Japanese girl whose parents owned a food store lived near him. Suddenly, without any warning, her parents discovered she had a child.
This made her parents angry. She would not confess who the man was, but after much harassment at last named Hakuin.
In great anger the parent went to the master. "Is that so?" was all he would say.
After the child was born it was brought to Hakuin. By this time he had lost his reputation, which did not trouble him, but he took very good care of the child. He obtained milk from his neighbours and everything else he needed.
A year later the girl-mother could stand it no longer. She told her parents the truth - the real father of the child was a young man who worked in the fish market.
The mother and father of the girl at once went to Hakuin to ask forgiveness, to apologize at length, and to get the child back.
Hakuin was willing. In yielding the child, all he said was: "Is that so?""

Don't concern yourself with their religious struggle. You've crossed that bridge. Don't look back. Show them the happy atheist and the content atheist, that your life makes sense now. You accept them as they are and it's their job to accept you as you are.
We are pretty much all minorities as atheists in america. But you are not alone and we all go through what you are going through at some point. Don't let them get you down!
Comment by Naomi on August 6, 2009 at 11:08pm
can you give me some advise?
when i was 12 my step mom- a right wing fanatical christian - had a favorite punishment for me (i was such an 'evily' rational and 'ungodly' questioning child). this punishment was copying whole chapters or even books out of the niv bible.
At first i was angry that i had to write... but soon i began to realise just what i was copying. Verses in Exodus, Leviticus and Deuteronomy to name a few that were saying we should do horrible things for god. i began to wonder that, if the devine creator of the world bothered to write a book why was so much of it a boring list and so much other such horrible things. At that time in my life christianity stopped being Jesus loves me this i know for the bible tells me so" to who the hell was jesus really and what was actually involved in this..

throughout the next 6 years i went to the churches of my family with a knot in my stomach. i went for them but secretly i was studying. actually reading the bible and wishing i could share in my familys 'blind faith' but knowing i just could not be content with it.
at 15 i had ran away from that home and was adopted by some wonderful family members. now religion took on a new light. it was no longer a punishment. now it was very sincere people who loved me and were concerned over my eternal soul.
out of love for them i went to their church, played in a praise band, even wrote a few worship songs they may still use today. but i did not beliieve it and it still sickened me.
at 18 i moved out on my own and began going to college. at 21 i joined the army and was sent to japan. all this time i was reading the qur'an, the book of mormon, l ron hubbard 'dianetics', the hagakure, many books on buddhism and other eastern religions. i went to synagogue and buddhist temples, catholic masses and pentacostle shouting matches where people got pushed over by the pastor and no one made any sense.
i dabbled in astrology and tarot cards, candles incense and meditation.
then one day this april a friends dad lent me the audio book of Sam Harris' , 'Letter to a Christian Nation' and it all made sense finally. i was not crazy for questioning faith. i was not even the first person to find it so questionable. and since then i have read every book i got my hands on (and please suggest me more!) i.e. Sam Harris' , 'te end of faith' and Richard Dawkins' ,' the god delusion'.
i am slowly, not showing my nonbelief, but rather simply not hiding it from my family.
my mom (adopted) now lives with me due to her health failing from end term terminal breast cancer and when she saw all my b0oks and religious artifacts she simply said she can rest easy believing i will find jesus before i die. meanwhile she suffers depression due to believing she deserved this cancer and is still earning her way into heaven. afraid of going to hell.
yesterday my brother i have not seen in years was in the area. on the one day i have with him he proceeds to strongly suggest that if i am not a conservative christian republican like the rest of the family i am a fool and i need to send him email proof of these so called bad bible verses and etc that made me make such a horrific and damned life choice... after all, he said that atheists are horrible people who are unhappy and kill and steal etc all the time.
and now i am in a funk friends...
because at 25 years old i have to stand alone against my entire family and their god.

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