What's wrong with there being theists in the world? As long as they're not forcing you to join them, it's ok, right? ..Wrong.. This group is to share thoughts about the dangers of theism -- and through the discussion, to be armed to enlighten others.

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A happy median?

Started by Noh Name. Last reply by Craigart14 Jun 2. 10 Replies

I've tried not to be hostile towards theism, not that I think it is something to be tolerated or protected, but bc I once was a theist.  I know that if an anti-theist like Hitchens would get going I…Continue

My new Youtube channel "Saving You From Your Religion"

Started by Shane Starr. Last reply by Tonya Wynn Dec 19, 2013. 2 Replies

So I had a run in with one of those bible thumping "I'm going to save the world for jesus" types today in a restaurant and after much debate I decided to start a YouTube channel to vent some of my…Continue

Atheist v Anti-theist

Started by Steph S.. Last reply by Joan Denoo Dec 13, 2013. 5 Replies

Good blog to read feel it’s time I clarify…Continue

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Comment by Joan Denoo on January 26, 2018 at 2:43am

I agree that a civil war should be fought out by the ones in civil war, except for the suffering caused by war. families are torn apart, homes and communities wrecked, infrastructure damaged, and for what? Wars to end slavery have not ended, even in the U.S. The subordination of women continues, even after mighty struggles. 

Oppression and domination have to be confronted wherever it occurs, even if people don't like to have their peace disturbed. 

"Peace without justice is tyranny."

- William Allen White

"There can be no justice without peace and there can be no peace without justice."

~ Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Comment by Chris on January 25, 2018 at 11:34pm

I agree Andrew.

India and other parts of Asia are  in the midst of  religus wars.

I've heard people say that Islam needs to go through a reformation such as Christianity did.    Islam is going through a reformation right now.    I think it would be best if the West wasn't involved in the Islamic civil war.

Comment by Andrew on January 25, 2018 at 10:37pm

Chris, your point is well taken that some schools of thought are inherently more peaceful than others. However, if I'm not mistaken, I have read accounts of  violence perpetrated by Sikh followers. The point is that any dogma is subject to manipulation that creates victims, whether by violence or otherwise.

Patricia, that video clip is hilarious!

Comment by Chris on January 25, 2018 at 12:06am

Some religious philosophies are less dangerous than others.

For example have you ever met a Sikh, or a Jane that proselytized?

Comment by Patricia on January 23, 2018 at 5:42pm

I did we know......

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Comment by Joan Denoo on January 23, 2018 at 2:49am

AtheistTech, I like your vim and vigor; it feels good after a difficult year for me. I am ready to get back in the saddle and ride into whatever the future holds. 

I trust this religious fanaticism thing will calm down, just as the Great Awakening mellowed out, only to rise again in our era. 

Well, people can lean on the Bible all they want, it is not an instrument I use knowing what i know now. Freedom from religion opens up all new vistas for me and since the barn door is open, I intend to explore and experiment with all my senses. 

See you all in the morning. 

Comment by Cane Kostovski on January 22, 2018 at 10:46pm

Thank you Bertold. Andrew, not to be a theist-wanna-be, I recommend we be more social. If that means taking the best from theists, then so be it. I am all for taking the best, if any, of a thing and use it to our benefit. That's how science works. Science builds on previous studies. We have millennia of data on religion. Why not learn from religion since it is so successful?

Comment by Andrew on January 22, 2018 at 8:51pm

AT, what you describe sounds an awful lot like the same strategy the theists use: proselytizing. I know there needs to be more education and rationality, but I don't think rationality sells to the masses very well.  If you doubt this, please review who's sitting in the oval office. Our society is much better at knee jerk reaction and emotional appeal. I think it may well be centuries before religion is completely discredited and abandoned. Sorry to sound so pessimistic, but people just don't change that much. Meanwhile, the battles we fight and the ideals we hold must never be given up. Religion is the single greatest force against human progress in our history, and the responsible must always resist.

Comment by Cane Kostovski on January 22, 2018 at 6:19pm

Atheists are happy and satisfied that their numbers are rising every year. As long as theism has a foot hold on the pulse of the nation, we need to be vocal about our atheism if it doesn't pose a danger to ones life. I think we need to be proud of our Atheism. Proud enough to voice that your an Atheist in almost ALL situations. In person, Online, Snail Mail, email, social media. Even if you're and agnostic, Spreading doubt about theism everywhere will influence everyone within earshot. Reason WILL prevail IF we shed the fear of the Label of Atheism that theists branded us with. Show theists, young and old, that atheists are normal loving respectful people like they assume they are. When they see that atheists are NOT like the stories mom and pop told them, kids will wonder and some will see how important critical thinking is. If we don't advertise, how can we spread doubt about the lies told about us? Someday, theism will be the minority, MAYBE. Let's do what we can to insure that that statement becomes true sooner than later.

Comment by Cane Kostovski on January 22, 2018 at 5:58pm

Theists' goal to indoctrinate ALL children must be undermined. Separation of Church and State needs to be protected at all costs. That means no indoctrination of our children in public schools.  Science education should not be subjected to editing by religious zealots. Creationism is pure bunk and should NOT be taught in schools along side Evolution. Creationism is no where near being worthy to challenge Evolution about the truth. If we don't want things like "In God We Trust" everywhere we must fight the evangelicals at EVERY front. We should not feel ashamed or guilty about protecting the Separation of Church and State. Theism belongs in the privacy of one's own home or in the Church, NOT in the secular government.


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