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Lonely since giving up church

Started by diane sholly. Last reply by pamela jean heckmann Dec 13, 2014. 4 Replies

Hi,    I am new to this site. I left my church and god a month ago and have been alone ever since. All of my so called church friends have dumped me since I am no longer a believer. I live alone and…Continue

Prejudice Me?

Started by Earther Feb 5, 2013. 0 Replies

I have been thinking a lot about my position in life as an atheist.  Each of us have our own idea of what we are as an atheist but I am generally speaking as a person who was born into a world that…Continue

Tags: depression, prejudic

The sporadic acute pangs of loneliness

Started by Michael OL Dec 26, 2012. 0 Replies

Living alone obviously implies a certain element of, well, being alone - albeit not necessarily loneliness.  Most times, one can immerse oneself in work, a hobby, a book, or some other distraction. …Continue

An Expression

Started by Reads Aug 28, 2012. 0 Replies

I dream of leaving something permanent of myselfwith a life that is too shortIn this world that asks a lot of oneselfbut how, I know notI have the will, but vision is what I lackI have the longing…Continue

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Comment by Kathy Lewis on October 26, 2011 at 5:40pm
Well, we will keep it our secret that we know things they don't about the real power of women's sexuality to free all of us from the greyness of their unimaginative little world.
Comment by Julie E on October 26, 2011 at 5:20pm
No, I have not read The Handmaid's tale. I will check it out though. I personally believe all of the horrible treatment of women has come from religion. The list of harm that religion has done to this world is a long and horrific list.
Comment by Kathy Lewis on October 26, 2011 at 5:18pm
Julie thanks for the resource. I felt fear welling up when I read about Dominionism. Have you read The Handmaid's Tale? I am starting to believe that all worldwide religious fundamentalism is about controlling women's sexuality, as well as keeping us all "in our place". I actually used to teach that 16th century nonsense about hierarchy and hope that my students weren't listening that day.
Comment by Julie E on October 26, 2011 at 5:06pm
Have you ever watched " The atheist experience" show? If not, check it out on youtube or just go to their website ( They've been on for 13 years. They are based out of Austin, Texas here in the United States.
Comment by Julie E on October 26, 2011 at 4:53pm
oops, i spelled it wrong. it's "Dominionism"
Comment by Julie E on October 26, 2011 at 4:53pm
You will have to look up Domionism online, because it is kind of hard to explain in total detail. In general, it is those religious people that believe in the literal bible rules. meaning adulterers, homosexuals and pretty much anyone that doesn't follow the bible completely should be put to death. They want religion to be a part of your every day life everywhere. They are the one's that spend their time protesting and picketing at people's funerals and walk around with hateful signs and pretty much want to make all of us live back in the dark ages . it is seriously scary. Look it up sometime when you have time because you would not believe the shit these people believe
Comment by Kathy Lewis on October 26, 2011 at 4:49pm
What is Dominionism or do I really want to know? There have always been pockets of fundamentalists here, particularly the Dutch Reform who came here to free themselves from secularism. I can't get Margaret Attwood's The Handmaid's Tale out of my mind, as we continue to construct this dystopia.
Comment by Julie E on October 26, 2011 at 3:58pm
Yes, I too have to contain my thought to the internet. As I sit here and watch the Republican candidates in my country that are running for the 2012 election, I am frightened by what is happening in my country. I don't know if you've ever heard of "Dominionism", but it is very scary and several of the candidates have been linked with people that believe in it. I feel like I'm living on another planet most of the time. I am lucky to have a mother that accepts me for who I am, but for the most part I don't talk to many people about my beliefs or my sexual orientation. I listen to far right wing Jesus freaks all day online and on tv and it scares the hell out of me. I was under the impression that Canada wasn't very religious. I guess I was told wrong. I guess we only know what we are told online and on tv. I like to get to know others from other countries to see how alike and how different we are on that subject
Comment by Kathy Lewis on October 26, 2011 at 3:51pm
Thanks, Julie. In Canada, we have always paid lip service to the separation of church and state, except for our funding of RC schools.I have watched the frightening encroachment of religious fundamentalism throughout the US and the world since it started. I had this sense of doom, even when the original "Hippy" movement was co-opted by "Jesus Freaks" for those of us who cannot be assimilated.  No matter what group I join, whether it be feminists or Scrabble players, I seem to hold the most extreme views. In Canada, we are seeing signs of the violation of separation of church and state. The abortion "debate" has reared its ugly head and the first time I heard that again, I felt the bottom fall out again and my first thought was that I don't want to live through that again. We now have the oxymoronic Ministry of Religious Freedom, which sounds a lot like its opposite to me. Whenever I have sought community in this city, I have to remain silent about my non-beliefs and am so tired of that. I long for a safe place and can only seem to find it on-line. Kathy
Comment by Julie E on October 26, 2011 at 3:16pm
Welcome Kathy ! Glad to see someone else who understands where i'm coming from. I don't really have a community here in Wisconsin either. I live in a small town in the midwestern United States, which tends to be more religious. Feel free to talk about whatever you wish. I am more than happy to discuss whatever is on your mind. Tell me a little about yourself (whatever you are comfortable sharing) Tell me about the religious beliefs in your country.

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