Hope is for the weak.

Hope is for the weak.
This is an idea I have been obsessed with for a while: that is better to take action, rather than wishing things will get better. It is a one of the trinity of beleifs that I oft heard repated in the catholic church:: faith, hope and charity.
Faith is believing in something in the absence of evidence, that just seems to be gulliability.
Having been a volunteer for various charities for all my adult life, I have not problem with that part though.
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  • Loren Miller

    I agree, Jay, that they're not mutually exclusive, but for hope to have any meaning at all, it has to be based in something TANGIBLE.  It's like a similar distinction I draw between faith and trust.  Faith to me is belief without substantial basis.  Trust is belief WITH substantial basis, with a real-world foundation which is worthy of the word, "trust."

    Hope that has no investment of action behind it is the kind of hope I was referring to in my earlier comment.

  • Jerry Wesner

    Justin, I probably don't see hope the way you do, or the way the "faith, hope and charity" line does.  (Faith is my new great-granddaughter's middle name.  No; I don't approve.)  But hope supported by effort, hope of a realistic and desirable outcome, seems OK to me.  I guess your opening statement struck me as raw.  When hope approaches the attitude of prayer -- we'll just sit here and hope and pray -- then it's useless.

  • JP Carey

    Blind faith is NOT a virtue. Responsible faith, "i have faith all the puzzle pieces are in the box" is okay.  "i have faith my brother will do the right thing". Those examples have some evidence to work with.  

    Hope on the other hand -that's a tough thing for an atheist to sell.  The disenfranchised and down-trodden really eat up religion's promise of hope and salvation.  The humanist moral position that, at a minimum, ALL humans deserve a chance for a life of dignity & happiness should guide the rest of us to help those that need it.

    People slip through the big cracks now -there's 7 BILLION of us.  We're turning "spiders into ants" with people -and ants are way less precious than a spider.