Phoenix James Ryder - My Final Words

In case you didn't get to watch the embedded video, this is the link:

I'm sorry you guys. Please take care and be kind to one another.

Phoenix James Ryder

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  • Billie Culver

    What a relief! Am so glad he is, as his name implies, a phoenix - able to recover from this crash and burn. I hope he has come back stronger than ever!  I have read some of his book, and can not begin to understand what he is going through. It makes me so angry.  How can I (and other members of this community who want to do so) help?  

  • Nerdlass

    We're going to have a donation site started soon. From what I can gather, James is going to buy his own plane ticket and follow through with his initial plan to move to another country in the West, were some of his mother's family live. He may still need support, so we're still going to raise funds for his moving and settling in.

    He's still under the effects of the pills, but he's said he will get a ticket when he's more coherent.

  • Nerdlass

    Hi, everyone.

    I've been in contact with James. He has arrived in his new home country, in Europe, safe and sound. Until his asylum case has been heard, he can't have too much of a presence online. He wanted me to let you all know that he is doing well and that he sends his regards. He said to also tell you that Secular World magazine may be interviewing him for an article. As for now, he cannot say much. We're also not sure how the funding for him will go, at this point. He has to okay everything with his case worker.