God + Allah = ?

It is a Drishtantoist question. Drishtantoism, established by Shobuj Taposh, follows the equation: God + Allah = there is nothing, though theist and atheist will/may say that the equation is the crop of bizarre thought and God+ Allah= 0 respectively. To say mathematically, God + God = 2God (If Allah = God), or Allah + Allah = 2Allah (If God = Allah), and to say synthetically it might be ‘God + Allah = Gallohad’. But Allah cannot be God. It is believed that Allah has sent The Quran, and God has sent the Bible. If the Quran and the Bible are not the same matter, God is not equal to Allah. So God + Allah = there is nothing (‘nothing’ not amounting to 0). Moreover, because of being a number, the sum total of the two may not be 0. Again God ≠ Allah. Because all the Christians do not regard the Quran, do not believe Allah; and hence do not maintain the Eid festivals. In reverse order, all the Muslims do not regard the Bible, do not believe God; and hence do not maintain the Christmas Day. For this, Drishtantoism doesn’t give importance to any divine/Godly matter.

God + Allah = there is nothing. Is the equation right or true?
  • Shahinur Shaila

    Yes, Drishtantoists realize that God and Allah are contradictory.

    According to the philosophy, God is not neglected but avoided. Here avoidance doesn’t mean opposing God but staying at a distance from the being. As God can never be proven, man has to be in the earth by the might of man-made philanthropic ethics.

  • Loren Miller

    From one point of view, a person could say that Yahweh + Allah does indeed equate to Zero, because neither have ANY value!

    On another level, the CONCEPTS represented by Yahweh and Allah, when added together, equal CONFLICT, and this is amply evinced by groups of angry muslims, demanding an end to free speech in the wake of published cartoons which skewer their prophet, as well as outcries from christians in the west who insist that Sharia never find a foothold in their homeland.

    The truth is that the sum of Yahweh + Allah is a pissing contest between two addends, both of which having no real substance and therefore no essential value.

  • Pat

    If belief in God = Insanity, and

    If belief in Allah = Psychosis, then

    God+ Allah =