And the "HITS" keep on coming (for the Catholic Church)

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  • Pat

    In addition to O'Brien of Scotland, and Mahoney of Los Angeles, let's not forget Dolan of New York.  He was recently deposed by attorneys in the Milwaukee Diocese bankruptcy proceeding wanting to know why, when he was there, $50 million was transferred from the diocese to a cemetery fund so the victims of pederasty couldn't get their hands on it. Graveyard groundskeepers must have one heck of a dental plan.

    There is, however, a silver lining - albeit slim - in this whole sordid mess.  And that is the glaring light of publicity. And, it could not have come at a more opportune time.  The eve of the election for a new Pope. While all eyes are on Rome, the Italian newspaper La Republica published a story about a ring of gay Vatican prelates who apparently partied like rock stars, and listed that as the reason for the Papal resignation. The more the RCC gets a black eye, the better off humanity is. And, I strongly suspect (hope) the more the previously devout will start to walk away. At least it's a start.

  • Bimmerella

    I'm not placing any bets either Loren.  A relative that I respect who has encouraged my education and progressive attitudes throughout my life, REFUSED to watch the documentary.  I'm so bitterly disappointed....I cried it pissed me off so bad.  If this person, who I had admired can be so indifferent about such an important my mind....means not shit will come of it.  1 Billion Catholics, and numbers ever growing in third world nations, will hold the leadership incapable of wrong doing because they refuse to entertain even a thought that the church is capable of malfeasance.  DESPITE HISTORICAL PROOF TO THE CONTRARY.  I'm on my way to read your post right now Loren!!!  I haven't been on in a while, and as always....I enjoy your insight!  Keeps the cobwebs in me brain at bay!

  • Daniel W

    Agree with Pat's assessment.  The only way to counter the aggression, abuse, and conspiracy of the catholic cabal is to continue shining the light of day on their crimes and corruption.