There is an evil strain permeating American culture and that is the culture of aristocracy. It has been eroding the egalitarian values this country was founded on. I fear liberals who believe that all humans are equal are loosing the argument by those that want to divide humans into class to protect the status quo. These aristocrats argue from the vantage point of power, that they are where they are due to some sort of superior character trait and it is equal opportunity that allowed them acquire their lot in life. This is misleading and people are falling for it. The poor are poor because they are lazy they say. They shouldn't have to work hard to support them. These are strawman arguments that don't address the socioeconomic condition that lead to and support poverty and the culture surrounding it. 

There is no scientific evidence that some people are inherently superior to other humans. Superior in what way? The ability to indulge in selfish behavior in the pursuit of wealth? The ability to throw a football better than anyone? The ability to empathize? To create a fascinating work of art? Teach other humans? Make new discoveries? Higher intelligence? What decides if one is better than another: The subjective perspective of human beings. There is not an objective group of humans or even an individual that is superior or better than any other. It depends entirely on the context. It is subjective in nature.

I am a liberal and believe in the equality of all humans because we are genetically mostly the same. Even genetic differences don't indicate objective status stratification. We have more in common than uncommon. The differences are only exaggerated by the aristocrats who want to justify that they can rule over us by a position of superiority that they themselves define and a system they maintain. They want to keep their power and their wealth. They are anti-democratic. They are the new American aristocrats. 

Say no to aristocrats as well as pseudoscience. 

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  • James

    Spoken like a true aristocrat Frankie. The burden of proof is on those who claim "superiority". There is not empirical evidence for this. I will not be ruled over by people with unscientific claims. You should look more at the big picture. It's like me saying, "Look at this pine tree. There isn't another one identical to it in the whole forest." Well no kidding. I can empirically say that this tree is unique, yet share commonalities with other trees. We call these things species. All humans are one species. There are general features that we all share. That is what I consider equal. It is our common humanity. Now, there is obviously individual differences, but those differences do not warrant oppression of one group by another? Just because a CEO is successful in one business, it doesn't imply any superiority. Point me to a peer reviewed article that substantiates that claim. These are human values. Egalatarianism isn't a myth. It is one means humans can organize a society. It is obviously something you do not value. If you value aristocracies so much, start your own damnd blog.
  • Frankie Dapper

    so ya got nothing?

    figured as much...

    Now then James, gotta take my aristocratic blue blood on down road Jack..

    And you have learned absolutely is no secret what god can do...what he has done for James he can do for you

  • James

    Innocent until proven guilty. Equal unless proven otherwise. These are democratic values. It is you who have nothing and have learned nothing. Quit trolling.