THE DANGEROUS CASE OF DONALD TRUMP This is must reading for anyone concerned for the country's well being under the leadership of Donald Trump. Twenty seven psychiatrist specifically look over almost 30 years of tapes, newspaper articles and social media to evaluate Donald Trump as Commander-In-Chief and the picture isn't pretty. What they write is hardly a surprise for any watching his first 297 of Trump's time in the Oval Office. Already there are doubts regarding Trump's stability and toxic narcissism. The book is written from a psychiatrist's viewpoint but it is straight forward and to the point in saying the Americans did itself no favor putting a man so unstable in the White House. I highly recommend this book. It addresses extreme narcissism, bullying, low self esteem, the tendency toward dishonesty even when the lies are transparent. There is no way this book can be reviewed in this short space but I'll close by saying get this book and remember it for the 2018 midterms and of course 2020. I haven't finished reading the book, but what I've read so far is chilling, what's more, we all seen the behaviors demonstrated regularly like his need to get even. He had no need of getting in NFL business but because NBA champions decided no to do to the White House he went on a Twitter rant while the catastrophe in Puerto Rico received none. Then he wants to compare his IQ with Senator McCorkle after McCorkle criticized him. I will update this when I finish reading it.
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  • Patricia

    I do not envy you guys in the least & the faster he's out, the better. I use some of those descriptions of him myself, even with my grade 10 education, its that obvious.

    When are the mid-terms.....a year away?

  • Vangelis

    He is a misogynist, racist, rich white man with no sympathy for the poor.

    And yet women, black/hispanic/chinese/etc, and the poor all voted for him.

    Without their vote, he would not be where he is. It's a bizarre situation that the particular groups that he clearly shows disdain for are exactly those that voted him into power. I find it difficult to show sympathy for the utter stupidity of the voting masses.

  • Michael Penn

    What makes this more bizarre is that bodies of 4 of our soldiers came back from Niger and Trump said publicly that they were great men and he wrote them personally all the time. He claims that none of our other presidents did this before. Only him. John McCain and the offices of 2 of our living ex-presidents are calling Trump a liar. I know nothing about it except what was reported and I would call Trump a liar.

    What is this all about? Trump is planting a seed here. Somewhere down the line he wants the poor, chinese, hispanic, black, etc. voters to believe that he alone was in personal contact with our dead fallen soldiers. Maybe these people will vote for him again.

    My personal belief is that I can imagine him having trouble reading the names of our fallen off of a telepromter, let alone having been in personal contact with any of them.