My Personal Tipping Point

Since reading Global Warming's Terrifying New Math and a few articles such as Earth facing imminent environmental ‘tipping point’ says report, where scientists plainly state "all ecosystems are nearing sudden and irreversible change that will not be conducive to human life" I've gone through my own personal tipping point. For years I've been among the "alarmed by climate change" population segment. However, now that the gloves are off, I can no longer compartmentalize.

Every topic and image make a connection to the overwhelming Ecological/Moral crisis into which we've begun to wade. I see a zombie image, and join Dark Atheists to post my fantasy of a Zombie Apocalypse political action against the Corporate Executives of Climate Change. I see an article on Teen gratitude and feel compelled to post about psychologists being out of touch with climate realities teens face. More and more, when I welcome new members, it makes sense to invite them to Eco-Logical, even if they've expressed no green values in their About Me.

In short, something has shifted inside of me, realigned.

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    Dan Harkins

    The Climate Change debate is just like the Evolution debate. The evidence does not seem to matter to most people, they believe what is most convenient for them. Opinions are easy to hold, knowledge is hard to acquire, and like evolution, climate change is difficult to understand in full detail so people would rather listen to some charismatic ass-hat who tells them what to believe.


    It's is funny how the same people who resort to Pascal's Wager in the name of religion, and say, "Think of the consequences if you are wrong!" will not do so on climate change. It's only the Earth, the planet we live on, no big whoop, so let's consider the econmics first... grrrrrr. It's infuriating.

    Thankfully, science to the rescue. There are many CO2 sequestering technologies on the rise that will bail us out (I hope). Much like the Haber method prevented mass starvation, and the development of high yield dwarf wheat prevented another possible world shaking famine, science is our only way out.

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    Prog Rock Girl

    I feel an overwhelming dread about the future sometimes. I had a dream once where I was on a ship and there was a leak in the bottom, we were going to sink but everyone just kept on carrying on like usual, and my choice was to either jump ship or wait for it to sink. Almost none of my dreams mean anything but that dream was a metaphor for how I feel about the planet.

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    One thing you can do is to go vegan.  People's diets result in much more CO2 than they need to.  There have been some studies, for example see the paper "Diet, Energy and Global Warming" by Eshel and Martin, full text is available online.

    If you want to keep on eating animal products, small animals like chickens and rabbits are better for global warming than big ones like cows and sheep.  It's more efficient raising them.

    Also, not driving - or flying - much helps.  I get around on my bike, I haven't owned a car since 1999, and I like it, it helps me stay somewhat in shape.